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RevCam comes home, surveys the situation in the kitchen, and makes to get right the hell back out again. Before he can escape, Annie runs up and hugs him, then buries her face in his shoulder and cries a lot. Then she tells him to talk to Lily about her "commitment-phobia" because she'd "really like to see her get married," proving that even with the most tenuous of ties to a relation, Annie can still nag and nag at her. For her part, Lily does not say that maybe Annie should just mind her own damn business, because she's classy. Like Martin! And if you think I'm being uncharacteristically nice to Lily in this recap, just remember: if we weren't watching Lily right now, we'd probably have to deal with an episode about Aunt Julie and Uncle Hank. I think you understand now.

Mac sees Pam in the hallway and says he was looking for her. She says he doesn't have to ask her out. He says he feels stupid for not asking her out sooner. She asks him if he'll take her out in public, where people will see them together and stuff. He says he can "take it," and why don't they go out on a "pre-date" to plan where they'll go tomorrow night. "Sure!" Pam says, because she's pathetic. Actually, I hope she does date him, have sex with him, and then tell the whole school that he has a really small penis. And then she'll get revenge on him for making fun of her for ten goddamn years, and people will forget about her little incident. She can even make up a nickname for him about it, like "Mac the Mouse." I don't know, I'm just thinking off the top of my head here. And I don't think that's her plan, anyway.

Nighttime at the CamPound. RevCam says he's glad Annie worked things out with Lily. Annie says she is, too, and now she's really looking forward to their trip to Arizona. "That's good, because I definitely am not," says RevCam. "God, a whole weekend with just my retarded sons, senile father-in-law, and psycho wife for company? Remind me to bring a good, long book. Or seven." Ruthie and Peter come in, and Ruthie tells RevCam that he was right about their tabloid, saying that they were not only "really embarrassed," but also "completely humiliated" by their teacher's reaction to their paper today. Peter recites some lines about the lesson we are supposed to have learned today about "sacrificing honor for a shot at a moment in the spotlight" and blah blah blah freedom of the press is wrong blah blah. Ruthie says that they're doing a new project now, but they'll need help. In the form of RevCam and three other people. Uh oh.

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