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Annie trots out into the hallway, where RevCam asks her how her day was. "Busy," Annie claims. Yeah, busy crying about how empty your days truly are. RevCam asks Annie if she's heard from her sister lately. "She's not exactly my sister," says Annie, except that Lily is exactly Annie's sister, so whatever. RevCam asks Annie if Lily knows how sick their father is. Considering that the writers don't seem to understand the specifics of Graham Jarvis's current state of deadness, I would guess that it's pretty unlikely that Lily knows anything about it. Annie asks RevCam what's up with "all the questions," even though he's only asked her two questions. RevCam suggests that Lily could fly to Arizona sometime to help Annie take care of their father. Annie snaps that Lily has her own adopted parents, and that her dad isn't "really" Lily's father. RevCam points out that Lily's adopted parents are dead, and Lily must care about her biological father. "Must she?" Annie barks. RevCam retreats a few steps before suggesting that Annie give Lily a call. Annie says she doesn't want to, and she "know[s] what all this 'I-I-I-I-I-I' means." Good, because I certainly don't. In fact, I haven't understood anyone on this show's behavior for quite some time now. Annie storms off, and RevCam bites his lip and sighs, probably in relief that his crazy wife didn't just try to rip him to pieces.

Det. Michaels walks through the stationhouse and asks to speak to Kevin privately. Oh, good, Kevin is going to get fired. It's about time. Det. Michaels asks Kevin if Roxanne has said anything to him, "off the record." Kevin asks what about, and Det. Michaels pats poor, clueless Kevin on the arm and says never mind. Kevin narrows his eyes to attempt to portray confusion and/or suspicion, then turns to ask Roxanne if she's said anything about Det. Michaels to him, because he's apparently so damn stupid that he can't remember. Roxanne states that she hasn't, definitely not, she hasn't said a word. Kevin asks what's going on. Roxanne says she can't say. "I'm going home!" Kevin Eric Cartmans.

Roxanne calls Chandler. She tells him that she has a "moral dilemma" she needs help with. Chandler expresses serious doubt that Roxanne would ever have a dilemma about anything moral, because she's a slut because she wanted to have sex once or whatever. Chandler then tells Roxanne to "wait until [she] get[s] to know him better," assuming, of course, that Roxanne the Ho-Bag's dilemma involves wanting to have casual sex or get engaged or whatever it is that people on this show do on their first dates now. Roxanne does not extend her hand through the phone line until it comes out of Chandler's handset and slaps him across the face. Instead, she asks him to meet her for pizza. Never one to turn down an invitation for greasy food, Chandler accepts, and then they hang up on each other without having finalized where and when they will meeting for dinner. Brilliant!

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