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Annie angrily cuts vegetables as RevCam walks in the room. He offers to help her, so Annie jumps all over him for wanting to help because he knows that she's mad at him. Who cares? Help in the kitchen is always appreciated in my house, even if I have to put up with RevCam to get it. Annie tells RevCam to just tell her whatever it is that he knows about Lily. RevCam says that she isn't going to like this, but Lily called him and said that she thought Annie might be mad at her, but she had no idea why. Obviously Lily hasn't hung around Annie too much, or she would know that she doesn't need a reason to be mad at people. Just be glad she didn't lock you in an unfinished garage apartment, Lily. RevCam says that Lily wanted him to talk to Annie, so that's what he's doing, and he just wants to avoid an argument. Annie says that if he wanted to avoid an argument, he shouldn't have talked to Lily in the first place. She actually says that he should have hung up on her and then called Annie about it immediately. Oh, that's polite. RevCam says that he wanted to talk to Annie face-to-face because he knows that Annie is mad at Lily, but he doesn't know why, either. Annie says that she won't tell him. RevCam says that's fine, pauses, and then asks why Annie doesn't just tell Lily. "Because I DON'T WANT TO!" Psycho Annie childishly responds. Then she slams her nasty-looking chicken/potatoes roast in the oven and goes upstairs.

Peter and Ruthie walk in and ask RevCam for a ride to the library so they can get started on their project that is due tomorrow. RevCam rather rudely states that such procrastination isn't like Peter, implying that it is exactly like Ruthie, to which Peter equally rudely responds that he couldn't help it because he was working with Ruthie the Lazy Dumbass. RevCam agrees to take them to the library, saying that they only have a "few hours" to finish their project before dinner. Surely an entire major school project couldn't be completed in such a short time, right? We'll see! RevCam calls to Annie that he's taking Ruthie and Peter to the library. There is no response. "All right!" I say to myself, "she committed suicide! From the look of her current 'hairstyle,' it would seem that she's been trying to drown herself in the bathtub for the last three weeks." But then RevCam repeats his statement and Annie shouts back that she heard him the first time. My hopes are cruelly dashed once again.

Kevin comes home from work to find Lucy getting off the phone with Roxanne, who cancelled their weekly pizza night. That's probably a good thing, though, since Lucy's getting kind of chunky. She can't even zip her sweatshirts all the way closed anymore. Kevin calls Chandler, ostensibly to invite him out to play pool, but with the ulterior motive of finding out if Roxanne is meeting with him. Of course, Lucy begins to whine and whine about how Kevin doesn't want to go out with his own wife, but everyone ignores her. Chandler says he can't go out, anyway; he's meeting Roxanne for pizza to talk about "some moral crisis" she's having. He thinks she's just looking for any excuse to see him because, you know, he's full of shit. Kevin wonders if perhaps Roxanne is having a moral crisis about someone he knows, like, oh, say, Det. Michaels? Chandler then realizes that he's not supposed to just tell anyone who asks about his parishioner's private matters, and hangs up. Hey, how come we always see Chandler working at the church at all hours of the day and night, while RevCam has all kinds of time with which to drive his quasi-foster-children all over town?

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