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"Knock knock," Ruthie says flatly, standing outside Martin's tent. He opens the flap and greets her. She starts with an "I regret that" that continues into "you wouldn't give me a ride my first day of school, and that you have absolutely no sense of humor." I regret that the writers of this show have no sense of humor, too.

Ruthie walks back into the house where she meets her parents, dressed up for a big night out of stalking. Ruthie says she apologized to Martin, and goes upstairs. Matt comes in and asks the CamRents where they're going. They explain that they're meeting Simon, and Matt instantly deduces that Simon doesn't know that they're coming. "What are you thinking?" Matt asks. RevCam says he's thinking that stalking is fun and he hasn't been able to do enough of it all summer. Matt tells the CamRents that they can't do this. Annie is confused as to why they can't. Matt tells his parents that he's seen Georgia and Simon together, and they're "either having sex or thinking about having sex, and [the CamRents] can't stop them." RevCam says he's an "eternal optimist" and he's being "creative" and "lighthearted." I bet Brenda uses lines like that all the time when she's defending her horrible show. Matt says that, as a fake doctor, he deals with pregnant women all the time, and suggests that the CamRents tell Simon about safe sex and buy him a pack of condoms. Safe sex lecture? Sure. Pack of condoms? Eh…Simon can go get those himself. Now the CamRents share a mutual flashback to Matt from the first season, who looks pretty much the same as he does now except for his hair, so it kind of looks like the CamRents are having wistful memories of their sons' haircuts. The CamRents thank Matt for his advice, which they won't be following, and take off. "This is a big mistake!" shouts Matt, but they ignore him. And at this extraordinarily suspenseful cliffhanger, we are given the "To Be Continued…"

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