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Martin comes downstairs and announces his departure. RevCam is distracted, however, by his boarder's crotch. He stares at it, and we see that Martin's sporting some low-slung jeans and some high-waisted boxers. Martin says his aunt sent him some new school clothes and he promised her he'd wear them. "She said they're cool and she's the designer," says Martin. And yes, at one point, baggy jeans worn below the ass were at the cutting edge of fashion. But that point was somewhere back in 1993, so Aunt? You might want to stick with those charm bracelet socks for a little while longer. RevCam ascertains that Martin isn't breaking any school rules with his choice of attire, and lets him go. Hey, remember three seasons ago when Simon wore baggy pants and RevCam acted like it was the end of the world? Times have changed! RevCam stares at Martin's ass as the poor child leaves the house, then mutters to Ruthie, "Wow, I hope those [pants] don't fall off. That would be embarrassing." Ruthie nods without feeling.

Kevin enters the house and RevCam inquires as to the whereabouts of Lucy. Apparently, she's been held up searching for pants that fit her growing waistline. Because she's still pregnant. Damn; I was kinda hoping the "Lucy is pregnant" storyline would have moved to Peter's duplex, where nothing is ever seen or heard from again. Kevin says he doesn't understand why his wife won't just buy bigger pants.

Lucy enters and immediately assumes that everyone was just talking about her. That's not very fair, Lucy. After all, Ruthie wasn't. She was just standing there, trying to bore holes into the kitchen table with her robot laser eyebeams. RevCam gently asks Lucy if she wants Annie to take her shopping for maternity clothes, as Annie's had "a lot of experience." That's for damn sure, and yet somehow, I don't think Lucy's really eager to don a maternity-edition sailor top just yet. Ruthie demands that her chariot bring her to school, so Lucy, Kevin, and Ruthie leave.

Simon comes downstairs and sullenly greets his father. His hair is still pretty bad, but it looks a lot better than it did last season. In fact, Simon looks better than he did last season or any other season. He appears to be one of the few lucky child actors who will age well. RevCam asks Simon if he's heard from Asslee since she left for vacation. Simon says she's only been gone a day, and he doesn't really care besides. RevCam says that he's sure Simon misses Asslee, since he spent so much more time with her over the summer than his family. "Bye," Simon replies, leaving.

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