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Simon and Georgia walk through the backyard, and Simon reminds Georgia that they'll both be back at school "in a couple weeks," where presumably they can mess around without fear of interruption. Georgia claims to be "crazy" about Simon and to have missed him all summer. They start making out extremely and unpleasantly loudly as RevCam enters. He walks by them, saying a brief hello to Simon and "Asslee." They don't notice the gaffe, and neither does RevCam until he gets to the back door of the house. He turns around to check out Asslee's ass, but something's wrong: those aren't the supple curves he's memorized so well. This is an entirely different ass!

RevCam enters the kitchen, where he and Annie talk over each other about their respective daily events until RevCam finally figures out that conversations actually work better, and more information is conveyed, if only one person talks at a time. He tells Annie to go first, since he heard her say something about "sex." Ah, good ol' RevCam: just as pervy as ever. He has a sixth, seventh, and eighth sense, and they're all tuned to letting him know when and where sex is going on.

Annie tells RevCam the story of her earlier encounter with Simon and Georgia. She starts off with something about the twins getting in trouble at school, but RevCam doesn't care about that when there's a story having to do with sex to be heard. Annie says she thinks Simon and Georgia were having sex in his room. And the worst part is, when Annie tried to ask him about it, he told her to mind her own business. RevCam asks about Asslee, probably disappointed that the sex story had nothing to do with her. "Who is he?" Annie asks about Simon, who has sex the day after his girlfriend leaves for vacation. RevCam says he'll talk to Simon, and Annie mentions something about the twins again, and how they don't want to go back to school tomorrow because it's safer at home with their mother. Such foolish children! It's never safer with Annie, even if the alternative is lying down on a crowded highway.Annie asks RevCam what's going on with Ruthie, and he tells her about how she pantsed Martin. Annie chuckles at the story, probably not unlike Brenda did when she first conceived of the Ruthie pantsing Martin "plot." It's the chuckle of someone who's not entirely in touch with reality. RevCam tells Annie that this isn't funny, to which Annie says that Martin shouldn't have been wearing baggy pants. Um…WHAT? Is she seriously going to blame Martin for the fact that her psycho daughter did nothing less than sexually harass someone? Although, this is the woman who let Richard Lewis attack her without really even getting upset, so I guess it makes sense. When Annie says that if Martin had given her a ride to school, this wouldn't have happened, RevCam tells her not to blame Martin because he's mad enough at RevCam as it is. RevCam explains that he was simply trying to tell Martin his stupid theory about the teenage brain and then Annie gets all bent out of shape, saying that RevCam's theory gives all teenagers excuses for their actions and she doesn't want all teenagers to have excuses, just the evil one who's her daughter. RevCam reveals that Ruthie is currently serving detention. Annie can't believe that RevCam would "let" Ruthie get detention. I don't think RevCam had any say in the matter, Annie. I also think that Ruthie deserves that detention, and a lot more.

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