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RevCam's on the phone with a restaurant, trying to figure out if they have a reservation for a "Simon Camden." They do, and RevCam has just enough time to get over there to join them. Annie comes down in her pajamas, and RevCam invites her out to dinner. "Don't you feel like a steak? I do, I feel like a steak!" RevCam says with the sort of teeth-gritted psycho smile his wife usually sports. Annie says that RevCam's idea to meet up with Simon and Georgia is "really good," but too expensive. RevCam says he'll find enough money concealed in various coffee cans around the kitchen. I wonder if he'll steal from the twins like Mary did. As Annie leaves to change, RevCam asks her if Lucy should work at the church. Annie says they can talk about that in the car.

Lucy is still working on her paper as Kevin apologizes for not being at the pool hall. He and Matt decided to "just drive around" all night. Kevin says he was talking to Matt about "how it's difficult…to be a husband. Not that difficult. The difficulties of being a husband. Not the difficulties. The challenges…of being a good husband. I just want to be a good husband and a good father." I have to say, George Stults pretty much managed to deliver his lines in a realistic fashion there. And he looked cute when he did it, too. There's hope for Kevin yet. He continues that he knows Lucy has to be scared, but she's acting like nothing has changed. But everything's different, and he wants her to talk to him. He feels like he's doing nothing to help Lucy out. He points out that Lucy talked and complained and cried more when she wasn't pregnant. Does he want her to act like that again? Lucy says she wishes everyone would stop making such a big deal about her being pregnant. "It's the biggest deal ever!" Kevin says, once again doing an almost capable job of acting. He adds that Lucy won't even buy bigger pants. Lucy gets all upset because she thinks that all Kevin and her mother care about is her getting bigger pants. She doesn't need bigger pants. Then she notices that her pants have fallen down. Yeah, that wasn't funny the first time it happened, and it's even less funny now. Let's hope Brenda doesn't know the Comedy Rule of Three. Lucy tells Kevin that she wants her dad's job, and she wants Kevin's support. Kevin notices a message on their machine, and plays it. It's the ultrasound place, and they have an opening tomorrow. Kevin puts an arm around Lucy as she holds her belly. Aw.

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