7th Heaven

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RevCam apologizes to Annie for letting Simon go to the party, admitting, "I just said yes to Simon because my dad always said no to me." Annie admits that she may have been too hard on Simon because she was "a lot wild" in high school and college. Okay, just please don't tell us you smoked half a joint once and half a cigarette another time, because I don't think I could bear it right now. The CamRents discuss the possibility of punishing their adult children, and Eric comes up with this idea: "I think we should not punish them but not tell them until tomorrow. That way they'll think they're being punished, which will be almost like being punished." Annie greets this asinine idea with the assertion that she and Eric are "parents of the year." Please, people! I've got a major hangover-type headache, and I haven't even been drinking. I can only suspect it's some sort of weird episode hangover. That would also explain the bad taste in my mouth and the sudden feeling that I'm going to puke. Could someone please direct me to Matt's car?

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7th Heaven




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