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Family Secrets

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Family Secrets

Dopey is talking to some chick over the phone. He offers to bring food to her and tells her she needs to eat. Are you intrigued by the mystery? Me neither.

Mary wants to find out who Lucy is expecting a call from, so she tortures her by blocking the door to the bathroom. To further this "plot," Lucy suddenly really, really needs to use the bathroom. Maybe later we'll get an earnest PSA from RevCam about people who have difficulties with frequent urination. Or maybe this was the only way the writers could think of to get Lucy to confide in Mary. So far, Mary's been a little nicer than in later seasons, but not by much. Personally, I would never confide anything in her. But then, I would also keep Lucy out of the bathroom until she wets herself and starts to cry, like in The Sims. When I finally bought the game, I thought it would be fun to start a Glenoak neighbourhood of Sims, with all our cherished characters, and then torment the ones I didn't like. Which would be most of them. But then I realized that I have a life, unlike Lucy, who admits that she would like to receive a call from Jimmy Moon. Mary laughs and asks, "What kind of a name is that?" As we will see later, it's the name of an irritating loser, but this doesn't mean Mary should be laughing at his name. For someone who was so hot to find out Lucy's big secret, selfish, oafish Mary quickly drops the subject and starts talking about herself, of course. She says that the CamRents aren't comfortable with her dating Matt's friend Jeff, since she is only fourteen. I guess that sort of thinking got thrown out later when the show went more Melrose Place and Simon and Deena started dating. And didn't Ruthie have a little boyfriend at some point? Oh well, why bother with consistency? Fortunately for the viewer, the sisters' little bonding session gets cut short when Jeff calls for Mary.

Annie walks in the front door, still looking upset. Simon walks by and sucks up to her about all the extra chores he's been doing, which raises her spirits somewhat. Then Dopey comes by and wants to borrow the car to go to the library, which amuses Annie. Understandably, she seems a trifle skeptical that Dopey could even locate the library, let alone find his way inside to read or study. However, she lets him borrow the car, warning him not to be late getting home. Annie hugs Dopey much longer than is necessary so that we will all know how sad she is that Grandma's about to take a long walk off a short pier.

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