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It's one of those rare occasions when we don't open on the CamPound. Instead, we're at the high school, where Ruthie finds Vincent by his locker. He asks if they're going out this weekend. Ruthie insists that Vincent ask her out the proper way, because she probably read that in Mary and Lucy's well-worn copy of The Rules. Vincent and his eye-liner ask out Ruthie and her eye-liner. Ruthie says she would love to go out with Vincent. He says that the only problem now is that his parents won't let him drive at night. Ruthie reminds him that she lives in a house "full of licensed drivers," all of whom would be more than happy to give up their Friday night to drive two kids around town. No, really. They would. You'll see. Because beggars can be choosers, Vincent asks if their personal chauffeur could not be her father. Ruthie agrees that RevCam driving them around wouldn't just be "embarrassing," it would be a "strong word for embarrassing" that she can't think of. How about "7th Heaven guest star"? Vincent says he'll talk to her later and leaves. Ruthie does a happy dance in the hallway. Vincent peeks out from around the corner and watches it. Honestly, if anyone should know better about not doing things that she doesn't want certain people to be able to see, it should be Ruthie Of The CamStalkers.

Today's Opening Credits Timewaster consists of the CamRents at the kitchen table, going about their menial everyday tasks. RevCam pays bills. Annie reads a magazine. Ruthie comes downstairs and takes a seat. She stares at her parents expectantly. "Okay, go ahead," Annie says to Ruthie once the credits are complete; "we've been waiting to have this conversation for two weeks." Exaggerate much, Annie? Sure, the opening credits are long and boring, but they hardly last two weeks! Ruthie begins by expositing that for the last two weeks, she has been very well-behaved, so she should now be able to date Vincent. Ruthie asks the CamRents if they like Vincent's parents, and they say do, especially since they started coming to church. I must non-sarcastically congratulate the writers for their good continuity here -- it makes perfect sense that the CamRents would consider the VinRents' two weeks of church attendance to level out their fourteen years of son-neglecting, when you consider SamVid.

Ruthie asks the CamRents if they like Vincent. RevCam grudgingly says he does. Tears pathetically welling up in her eyes, Annie says she does, too. Look out, everyone! It's Catherine Hicks's Emmy bid! Surely this will finally be her year. RevCam tells Ruthie that she's allowed to date Vincent, and warns her to leave the kitchen before Annie starts sobbing. Knowing what's good for her, Ruthie takes off. RevCam wonders if they should really let her date. Suddenly totally over her crying jag, Annie points out that Mary and Lucy were younger than Ruthie when they started dating. RevCam says he just wants to "buy some more time" before he lets Ruthie date. Annie tells him that while he can buy the Glenoak Police Department, he can't buy time. And even if he could, the CamPound needs that money for their half-pints of gourmet ice cream.

Annie stands up and leaves the kitchen for no apparent reason. Then Matt walks into the house carrying some luggage. RevCam stares at him, looking very sad. As would you be, if Matt ever walked into your home. Matt tells RevCam not to fear the worst; Matt's "marriage" is "fine," and he's only here in Glenoak for his "med school." Apparently, Matt's dean's colleague lives in Glenoak, and he specializes in a birthing technique that the dean said Matt should go check it out. I'm sure this has nothing to do with the dean hating Matt ever since Annie harassed him at home about Thanksgiving family emergencies. It's just too bad that Barry Watson's return to half of this season was such a surprise to the writers that they weren't able to think of a plausible excuse for him to be back in Glenoak so often. And how polite of Matt to let the CamRents know that he would be coming home and staying with them! Anyway, it turns out that RevCam doesn't care about Matt's medical school crap because Ruthie is going out on her first date. Matt says it's a good thing he's there in case RevCam's "heart gives out." Jokes like that aren't funny, Matt, when the person you're telling them to ACTUALLY HAS A SERIOUS HEART CONDITION. RevCam doesn't seem to mind, though, so maybe I'm wrong about this. So on that note, I hope any pregnant mothers who have suffered a prior miscarriage didn't laugh so hard at that heart joke that they had another one!

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