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Matt walks into Ruthie's room and reports that the CamPound is now out of Kleenex. Oh, ew. Then he volunteers to drive Ruthie on her date. Martin comes in from spying behind Ruthie's bedroom door and says he can drive. Then, RevCam comes out from behind the rack of clothing he was spying on Ruthie from behind and also volunteers his driving services. God, these Camdens! It's like they appear from thin air, like ninjas! The most boring ninjas on this earth, but ninjas all the same. Ruthie says she wants Matt to drive, because RevCam is a stalker and Martin has a "bad reputation" with the VinRents because of the Zoe thing. So I guess when the VinRents said all that crap about not being involved with their child's life whatsoever, they really meant that they're so involved that they even know about the rumors going around his school about people their son doesn't really even know. The winner of a Very Lame Friday Night, Matt pumps his fists in triumph.

Annie and Lucy talk about dating. Lucy says it worked out well for her. Annie points out that Lucy is just out of college and already saddled with a husband and a kid. And living with her parents, although Annie doesn't point that one out. "What's wrong with that?" Lucy asks, beginning to get offended. Annie says there's nothing wrong with that, except that she was hoping that her daughters would spend some time working and being single and independent before they got married. Yeah, SURE she did. Speaking to Lucy the way my grandmother speaks to me when she forgets that I am twenty-three and not five, Annie tells Lucy that her choices were fine for her. Lucy points out that they were fine for Annie too, considering how she also married and started a family young. She asks Annie if she has any regrets about that. I can think of at least seven, and all of them are named after people in the Bible. Annie says she has no regrets. Lucy says it sounds like she does. Annie again says she has no regrets. Lucy says she was just asking. Annie says she wasn't trying to say anything about Lucy and her "choices." Lucy glares at Annie, and the scene ends on that less-than-conciliatory note, so we'll just have to imagine that they made up right after this, because the next time we see them, they're the bestest of friends again. It sure does suck to be Lucy, though; after all that work she did to emulate both of her parents to win their love and attention, she just got told that even that isn't good enough.

SamVid hold a summit in which they decide that Ruthie will get married soon. Oh, how postmodernist of 7th Heaven to have its two slowest characters comment on the predictability of the show during the show! SamVid agree that they'll miss Ruthie when she gets married and moves out. Who said she would move out? Then they go to spy on her.

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