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Upstairs, the CamConference has decided that this whole thing is RevCam's fault, because he let Ruthie go out on a date with a guy whose parents don't know anything about parenting. Oh, so NOW they find that objectionable. Ruthie enters and asks what's going on. I think there might be a drinking game in how many times this show has someone walk into an existing scene and ask for a recap of everything that just happened. SamVid announce that Ruthie is being stood up. Ruthie says that Matt told her that Vincent's father was having a medical problem. Lucy tells RevCam, Kevin, and SamVid to go check on Savannah. What did Savannah do to deserve that? The four guys leave. Annie and Lucy begin the consoling girl talk portion of the evening by saying that sometimes, guys get nervous about big plans and stand girls up. Doesn't Ruthie have, like, girlfriends to discuss these things with? Annie says that Lucy used to get stood up "all the time!" Lucy's like, "Well…not…all the time." Ha! I didn't think Annie could crush Lucy's self-esteem any more after saying that she was dependent and weak, but she did! Ruthie says she's going to wait for Vincent downstairs. In fact, she's going to wait for Vincent tonight, tomorrow, and for years and years until he comes over and she has her first "real" date. Ruthie departs, leaving Annie and Lucy looking very sad. I used to hate it when Ruthie played manipulating mind games with her family, but now I respect and admire her for it.

Doorbell! It's Vincent. Ruthie answers the door as the entire CamFam runs down the stairs like a bunch of losers. Even Martin and Mac run in from the kitchen. Ruthie gives them all a "told you so," and tells Vincent how Matt is at Vincent's house right now, thinking that Vincent is standing Ruthie up. The phone rings, and Martin leaves to answer it. Vincent tells the CamFam that he was getting his insurance stuff taken care of, and now he's going to drop his parents off at the home and go to the Promenade. Kevin does not like this. Martin walks in with the phone. He gives it to Ruthie. It's Matt, and he's continuing to lie about Vincent's dad's health problems. Apparently, he now has appendicitis and is going to need surgery. Ruthie says that she'll have RevCam drive her to the hospital so she can comfort Vincent. Then she hangs up, leaving Matt to freak out in the driveway.

All the CamMen declare their disapproval for Vincent driving Ruthie to their date. Annie and Lucy have no problem with it, however. Vincent says he got an A in driver's ed the third time he took it. Well, if he's taken driver's ed three times now, how old is he? My driver's ed class took half a year, so doesn't this make Vincent at least seventeen? Annie dismisses the couple. They leave, and Annie and Lucy exchange twin sighs. The men stare at the women expectantly until Annie gives them her blessing to stalk Ruthie. They all run out to do that. How sad.

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