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Forget Me Not

The next day, Matt comes over to the CamPound to apologize to Simon, which is an uphill battle because Simon is so damn rude about it all. He complains about having to sleep in Ruthie's room "on Pokémon sheets, surrounded by Hello Kitty merchandise." Okay, a Pokémon aversion I could understand, but what's wrong with Hello Kitty? Finally Simon accepts Dopey's apology, as well as an invitation to a football game. John pokes his head in the door to deliver one of the two lines he's allowed in each scene. When Simon and Dopey hug, John delivers his second line: "If you guys are gonna start getting mushy, I'm outta here."

The doorbell rings, and Lucy answers the door. Why, it's Brad! And he's such a dreamboat! Because he wants to spend time with Lucy, he's volunteered to help out with Habitat for Humanity. He claims the only problem is that he almost failed shop class. To illustrate his point, he holds up a hammer and asks, "Which end of this thing do I use?" Oh, it's the metal end, you dolt, and why don't you just use it on my head to put me out of my freakin' misery at having to type out stupid crap like your lame-ass hammer joke?

RevCam pays a visit to Ruthie's little millennium friend's parents. When he tries to blame Ben for the fact that Ruthie almost set fire to the house, Ben's dad proceeds to roll the welcome mat back up. But that's okay, because Ben's parents are wacky survivalists -- complete with a back-up generator, sat phones and extra blankets. The way the parents are played for laughs tells us it's okay to make fun of survivalists. Thanks for clearing that up, writers, because I wasn't sure.

Robbie comes over to the house to make up (and make out) with Mary.

RevCam and SuperMom have brought Charles to see Nancy, the friendly and sensitive gerontologist, because she sees a lot of patients with Alzheimer's. Like, I'm so sure Glenoak has better doctors than Phoenix does. Nancy gives a long, and fairly detailed, account of what Charles can expect when his disease progresses. While the writers do a pretty good job with this, I won't transcribe it here. If you can navigate the Internet well enough to be reading this sentence, I'm sure you can find good information on Alzheimer's, should you require it.

I'm not ashamed to admit, however, that all that Alzheimer's information made me a trifle weepy. In fact, I'm so down right now that I almost don't feel like making fun of the show anymore -- almost. Annie and Charles are looking through a photo album. Annie holds up a picture of her mother and comments on how beautiful she was. Charles says that he used to call her "The Pink Clown." Unfortunately, I was having a sip of my "yay, we're almost at the end of the episode!" glass of wine when I heard that, and now I'm hacking up a lung while trying to wipe Verdicchio off my computer monitor. I rewind the tape (remember, I'm watching this one under less-than-ideal conditions) and listen again. Oh, he's saying "Pink Cloud!" You know, that's just as bad, though, because it has something to do with her wearing a big, floofy pink dress to dances and twirling around like a, um, pink cloud. Okay, it's mean, but I'm still laughing pretty hard, and I can't even blame the wine, because it's my first glass. Then Charles talks about how nervous he was when Annie was born, and how, when the nurse put her in his arms, all his fears just evaporated. He says, "You did that. You made everything better." Okay, that was pretty sweet. He tells her he'd like to "rest" his eyes for a bit before dinner. Annie kisses him on the cheek and leaves. Charles does close his eyes, and we see a montage of old family photos, which is quite nicely done, provided you hit the mute button to block out the treacly background song.

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