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Forget Me Not

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Forget Me Not

Down in the kitchen, Mary is checking the fridge, I guess to see if Dopey left behind a few crumbs of food during his daily forage. Lucy comes in, and I see that there must've been a sale on ugly fitted baseball shirts down at the Biway, although Lucy has the good sense to have bought hers sans shoulder cutouts. She's all excited because someone named Brad Landers asked her out for a burger. Even Mary agrees that this Landers fellow is hunkalicious. The only problem is that Lucy is supposed to be installing toilets at something called the "Habitat House" at the time of the proposed date, and she doesn't think it's right to skip out on that for a guy. Well, duh, but I don't understand why she didn't just tell Brad she couldn't make it that day but that she'd like to go out with him some other time. Mary suggests that the only way the Habitat people will know she's canceling out on toilet-installing to go on a date is if she tells them directly. Oh, Mary, repent! You're a shame to the Camden name! Have you learned nothing from picking up trash with your fellow diversion-program criminals? And now you're trying to corrupt sweet, innocent Lucy? Tell me, is it Robbie who's teaching you to say such bad, unwholesome things?

Simon's playing fetch with Happy in the upstairs hallway. He tosses a ball, but RevCam catches it instead. Good boy! Simon starts talking about how excited he is to be spending the next night at Dopey's apartment. He says he misses Dopey, and even though Dopey's "here all the time, eating and stuff," it's just not the same. Jeez, Simon, you guys aren't supposed to be making fun of Matt. That's Gwen's job, and mine. So don't be horning in on our fun. He says, "Tomorrow night's gonna be just like it used to be." RevCam leaves. Uh-oh -- Ruthie arrives, and she's nattering on about "the millennium." It also looks like she's stockpiling blankets or something. She starts cataloguing the things that will go wrong come January 1st: cars not starting, people getting trapped in elevators, credit cards not working. "It'll be bed time[sic]." Aw, how cute, someone tell Bill Cosby we've got some material for his Damned Brats show! (While you're at it, tell him Cate says he and all his shows are a blight on humanity.) Simon tells the Demon Spawn, "I think you mean 'bedlam.'" But we've all stopped caring about this scene, right?

The doorbell rings, so we know it's time for the central plot to kick in. Okay, let's see who's been chosen to annoy us in tonight's lame excuse for a plot? Looks like it's Annie's stepmother, Ginger. And Ginger doesn't know where Annie's father is. Roll the opening credits and cue the fake suspense!

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