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Forget Me Not

After another blessed commercial respite, we join the Camdens in their big family meeting. Ruthie's asking what's wrong with Grandpa, and RevCam explains about the Alzheimer's. I tell you, those writers have some self-control. I don't know how they were able to resist having Ruthie ask, "What's Old-Timer's?" But somehow they restrained themselves. While the other family members make their escape, RevCam lectures Ruthie on setting fires, but she's not in real trouble because she did ask an adult for help. When he asks her why she wanted the fire in the first place, she starts in on the Y2Krap and says that information about the millennium is everywhere. RevCam launches into a speech about Orson Welles's "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast. I've heard that example used about 722 times before, so I allow my mind to wander to Ruthie's stupid survivalist project. Wouldn't it be cool if, instead of having her bother everyone with her pointless millennium announcements, the writers just blindfolded her and took her to a cabin in the Montana wilderness? She could eat grubs and forage for roots and berries, although she probably wouldn't know which ones were poisonous. And they could give her lots and lots of matches! Oh, wait, RevCam's story is winding down. The point? Don't believe everything you read, duh. Golly, thanks for that pearl of wisdom, Eric.

Annie and Charles argue about Alzheimer's again. He's still in denial, and Annie's mad. Actually, Charlie's pretty pissed too, and he says he and Ginger will be leaving in the morning.

Then Mary and RevCam argue about Robbie. Mary accuses RevCam of wanting Robbie gone, to which RevCam replies that if that were the case, he "never would have invited him over to the house." I buy that, but Mary doesn't. She says, "What matters is that Robbie doesn't want to come over here." Well, honestly, who would, you know?

RevCam wanders down to the kitchen to ask SuperMom, "How's your father?" She answers, "In denial, just like I was." See, the man of the house was right again. Because that's the natural order of things, you know. (If you are reading this and you are a cretin, please don't bother sending an e-mail agreeing with me there, because I was being sarcastic, okay?) RevCam and SuperMom spew some pointless drivel about Ruthie and the millennium, and then SuperMom informs RevCam that Simon wants to come home from Dopey's. RevCam leaves to pick him up.

This next scene is pretty odd, even by 7th Heaven standards. Lucy is on the phone with that hunky Landers boy, and she's telling him she can't see him anymore because, um, she likes him too much? She likens herself to Superman and says that Brad is like Kryptonite. Okay, I still don't get it. For the record, neither does Brad. Lucy says that when Brad's around, she feels "powerless" and wants to blow off all her other commitments to be with him. Oh, here's another gem: "Doing stuff like that is the old me, not the new me." The fuck? I swear, this stuff is weird enough to frighten me. What's the message we're supposed to take away from this? And make no mistake, there's always a message. Is it that one should only date people one finds boring? Should one not date at all? I mean, wouldn't it be more valuable for Lucy to learn how to manage her time efficiently? After saying, "I'm sorry, but it's just the way it's gotta be," Lucy hangs up. Okay, but does she at least say goodbye first? Come on, did you even need to ask?

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