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Gabrielle Come Blow

Robbie and Roxanne go into the kitchen with their dirty plates and thank Gabrielle for dinner. They tell Simon that "someone" is out on the porch for him, pile their plates in the sink, and are gone. Phyllis isn't amused. Ruthie offers to put the dishes in the dishwasher, and score: Phyllis says she'll bake her stupid cake for her.

Cecilia is out on the porch, waiting for Simon. She's surprised he didn't call her. He thought she'd be out with Marc. She says she likes Marc, but doesn't want to get all crazy about guys because she knows they don't like that. So, maybe they can all go out together? Double date? If he can't find a date, Cecilia will find one for him. She kisses him on the cheek and scampers off to buy more hair gel and lip-synch the words to "Dirrty" in the mirror.

Robbie and Roxanne make a date for -- ugh -- church. Lucy overhears and is all, did he just ask her to go to church? Kevin says smarmily that he thinks she's hot for Rev Lite. Wow, this show gets exposition-y even with new information. Who? Lucy hadn't heard about the new associate reverend, and freaks out that everyone already knows about this before her. Why is she never around for the important stuff? Kevin says he hopes she's around when he asks her to marry him. The hell? That barely makes sense.

CamRents' bedroom. Eric walks in, wearing an electric guitar, and says he's sorry for all the hoo-hah of the day. Annie accepts his apology. She's all, are you still upset about the associate pastor? No, he isn't. "Because you realized you need the help?" No, it's not that. It's that he's no longer afraid. He's taken his fear and turned it into something useful. Annie asks hopefully, "Revenge?" Good one! No. He meant song. And guess which song. Yes, "Jesus Loves Me." The twins appear next to him, in pajamas, and sing along dutifully. Annie sits on the bed and confers with someone unseen above her. "This isn't good. It may sound good, but it isn't." Oh, word.

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