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The Gang's All Here

At "University Hospital," Karen is lying in bed, all cut up and bruised. I can only assume that her injuries are the result of meeting the business end of (snicker) nunchakus. Stan hugs her, and then RevCam comes into the room because this is none of his business. Karen says that she tried, but she couldn't get out of the gang, and asks RevCam to call one of those places for her. Okay, seriously now: What do you think Blackbird 16 even does on the mean streets of Glenoak? Harass people on the Promenade? Charge Pete's Pizza "protection money"? Sell those Midols on the hormone-crazed-woman black market? We'll never know, because Blackbird 16, menace to society that it is, is never mentioned again.

Satisfied in the knowledge that he was right once again, RevCam tells Stan's family that he'll call one of the places, and he'll keep calling until she gets in. Yeah, I'm sure they'll just be bending over backwards for you when you harass them with phone calls, Rev. Then he walks out of the room, where a television (which is sitting in the middle of a hospital hallway. Apparently University Hospital, unlike every other hospital in America, doesn't have rules about unnecessary noise in patient areas) meaningfully asks him if he knows where his children are because it's ten o'clock. The Piano Of Never Trusting Your Children Again plays as Brenda Hampton's name flashes on the screen.

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