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Thus, (1 billion x 1.5 trillion) / 2 = a number higher than my crap-ass calculator can calculate. Suffice it to say, Mary is not going to be able to answer Ruthie's question in either of their lifetimes, and this is both of their faults.

Mary asks Lucy if she can hitch a ride to the mall, but Lucy doesn't want Mary hanging out with her friends. Oh, relax, Lucy. I'm sure a mall with eight floors has a JC Penney big enough for both of you to shop in without having to interact. Ruthie says that she and Mary can find their own things to do, then grins wickedly. Evil even at age five, our Ruthie. Mary tries to smile, then rolls her eyes, because spending time with Ruthie sucks.

And here comes Stan's sister, escorted into the backyard by stupid Matt. Her name is Karen, and she's played by Shiri Appleby, "Liz" from Roswell. If I ever watched the show, I could probably make some jokes about that, but I didn't. Sorry, Roswell fans! I'm sure you two will find a way to get over it, though. You know Karen's a nogoodnik because she's wearing a big baggy flannel shirt and big baggy jeans that are lamely rolled up at the cuff -- would it have killed the wardrobe designer to look in a magazine or two and find out how kids really dress? I'm not even going to knock the wardrobe person too hard right now, considering the blindingly awful clothing abominations that are soon to come. Karen also has a thick white belt, worn outside her belt loops, with a big gold belt buckle. Matt notices that the belt buckle has a "B" on it. He asks what it stands for. She says it's her nickname, "Babydoll." Suddenly suspicious, Matt says that Stan doesn't call her that. You see, Matt, often our family members won't call us by our nicknames, no matter how much we want them to. I've been trying to get my mom to call me "No Fear!" for years now, and she still refuses. Karen and Stan leave, and Stan says he'll be back later for another sleepover. Matt thinks it's odd that Simon didn't ask their parents before he invited Stan over again.

In her car, Karen wants to know why Simon looked "weird" when he was around her, and asks if Stan told him anything. Karen, Simon is a Camden. He's going to look weird whether he knows stuff about you or not. I mean, really. Come on now.

Standing by the kitchen window, RevCam disapprovingly says that Stan's sister looks "interesting." Because judging people based entirely on the clothes they wear is a good skill to teach the young viewing audience. Annie and RevCam wonder if something is going on with Simon's friend. Horrible Ruthie runs into the kitchen and asks Matt how fast one hundred miles per hour is. He says he doesn't know, and then goes to answer the doorbell. RevCam picks up Ruthie, and they have a -- I'll admit it -- cute conversation about Ruthie's plans for the day, which is ruined by frequent cuts back to a grimacing Annie. Annie suggests that Ruthie call some of her friends over to play, but after the producers hastily check their books and see that this episode has used up the tertiary character budget for the next month as it is, Ruthie says she would rather play with Mary and Lucy.

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