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The Gang's All Here

Piano and Guitar get together to play a Duet Of Nosiness as the StanRents, under the careful supervision of RevCam, search their daughter's room and find...nothing. RevCam is all, "Oh, whoops. Sorry I was nosy." No, he's just sorry that he's wrong. The StanRents are psyched that they were right about their kids after all. RevCam sulks and walks away, still determined to find a way expose poor Karen. In Glenoak, you're guilty until proven innocent.

Some crappy song plays as Lucy and friends walk through the mall and men of all ages stare at them as if they've never seen scantily clad teenagers before. Like, they stop dead in their tracks and drop their shopping bags with their mouths wide open. So either they're extremely rude and kind of pervy, or something actually interesting is going on right behind Lucy. Maybe there's a grease fire at the Ruby Tuesday's. Non-Cow-Print says that a "total hottie" is checking Lucy out. We see said "total hottie," a mall security guard who looks kind of like a young Harland Williams with a ponytail. Obviously, he is not a total hottie. He isn't even one of the fifteen bowls of Raisin Bran it takes to provide the same amount of riboflavin that's in one bowl of Total Hottie. He nods his head a lot as he spits out some lame pick-up line about having to detain the three girls because of how they look. Oh, maybe he's a member of the fashion police? It's about time they showed up. Now go get Annie.

The Original Gangsta (i.e. pre-electric) CamVan pulls up to the front of the mall. Ruthie pesters its occupants with her one hundred miles per hour question. Annie tries to explain it by saying that in the time it takes for Ruthie to watch "one Xena," they could travel one hundred miles. Wow, they let Ruthie watch Xena: Warrior Princess? Isn't that show violent and Godless? And rife with homosexual undertones? Mary asks if she can go get Lucy while Annie waits in the van, but Annie is wise to Mary's tricks and says that she needs to pick a few things up at the mall anyway, so she wants to go in. Um, then why did she park in front of the mall instead of in a parking space? She's blocking the fire lane! Ruby Tuesday's is going to burn to the ground because of this! Mary finally convinces Annie to let her get Lucy while Annie and Ruthie shop. Outfoxed and left alone with Horrible Ruthie, Annie is understandably pissed.

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