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Mary finds Lucy talking to the security guard. She tells him that Lucy is fourteen and he should get lost. Lucy is really mad that Mary "betrayed" her. Not exactly the right choice of words there, but since using them allows this plot to directly parallel Simon and Matt's, there you go. Mary is also mad at Lucy, because Lucy lied to her about not doing something stupid at the mall. "This is what stupid looks like!" says Mary, although it's unclear whether she means herself or Lucy's clothing. Lucy says that she was just expressing herself as an individual by talking to the almost twenty-one-year-old security guard. Mary says that only loser creeps are almost twenty-one and interested in fourteen-year-old girls. While this is true, Mary, what does that make men your father's age who date women your age, hmmm? Practice what you preach!

Uh oh! Here comes Annie, who sees Lucy and looks so sad that you would think that Lucy was standing on top of a pile of murdered kittens. You can almost see Annie deflate. It's great. Everyone else seems to have appropriate reactions to the situation. Lucy looks bummed, Mary scratches her head and makes a "glad I'm not you" face, Ruthie does a "glad I'm not you. Also, I'm evil" laugh, and Lucy's friends turn away and try to pretend that they're not a part of this.

Back at the CamPound, Annie goes on a tirade while slamming innocent glassware around the dishwasher: "No hanging at the mall, no nightly catch-up on the phone, no nothing! You go to school, you work very hard, you get good grades, do well on your SATs, and go to college --" Lucy interrupts her before she can get to the part about rushing through an engagement to marry an abusive robot. She doesn't understand why Annie is mad. Annie says that Lucy's look was totally inappropriate for her age, and could have implications. "You asked me if you could go to the mall. You didn't ask me if you could go work the mall!" Annie shouts ridiculously. Like everyone else on the show, Annie is mad because she has been lied to and deceived, and "typical teenagers" don't do this kind of thing. Um, actually, Annie, they totally do. Annie doesn't know if she'll ever be able to trust Lucy again. "We lost something today, Luce," she says, as if the fucking world almost ended because her daughter wore ugly clothes, which is pretty hypocritical of her when you think about it. Lucy is crushed by this, and wants to know if she can ever get her mom's trust back. As if cued by Satan himself, which is a possibility, Ruthie enters, wearing a hot pink bare midriff complete with two feather boas, eyeliner, blue eye shadow, and bright red lipstick. "I'm Lucy!" she says, evilly. Now, how did Ruthie even get these clothes? Surely she didn't go to the mall and buy that shirt or those boas all by herself. This is not explained; Lucy volunteers to clean Ruthie up, and Annie says that she and Lucy can get their trust back "with some work...eventually," and you just know that she's going to hold this one over poor Lucy's head for the next three years.

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