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Asslee walks right on into the CamKitchen like she owns it and tells Annie that she has to talk to her about Martin and how he's mad at her. Does anyone care about this subplot when we could be hearing about Mizzz and all the cool stuff she's doing? I didn't think so.

RevCam gets out of his car, which he parked in the school parking lot. I guess they put an addendum onto that district-wide regulation that gave RevCam immunity. Det. Michaels is there, as is Mr. Miller, who informs Eric that his daughter has been kidnapped by her principal, and it's all Kevin's fault. Then he gets real close to RevCam and tells him that Gracie is "not well." "Your daughter, Gracie, isn't well?" RevCam repeats. It's hard to hear what other people are saying when you're concentrating so intently on the speech coming out of your own ass, you know. Mr. Miller explains that Gracie got an early acceptance to a school "back east" with a basketball scholarship (man, colleges are just giving early acceptances away these days), but he and her mother didn't think she was ready to go to college, so they made her turn it down. She's been angry at them ever since, and threatening to run away. So Mr. Miller had his son watch over her when he and his wife couldn't. Mr. Miller says that Gracie would do "anything" to get away from her family, including "making up stuff" about them. Oooh, a twist has been thrown into this storyline! I don't know who I should believe -- Mr. Miller or Gracie. Oh wait, I totally know I shouldn't believe Mr. Miller because I possess a modicum of intelligence. But nice try, Brenda. Mr. Miller walks away from RevCam and up to Det. Michaels, where he informs him that he suspects that RevCam knows something about Gracie that he isn't saying. Ha! RevCam doesn't know anything! He's been completely out of the loop this whole episode! I love it! Det. Michaels and RevCam take a knee and share their thoughts on the situation. RevCam senses that Mr. Miller is lying. Who does he think he is, Deanna Troi?

Lucy is surprised to see Kevin home from work early. He explains that he and Roxanne got "dismissed" for the day, and that Lucy may have been right about Mizzz after all. Lucy keeps trying to say that she was wrong about her, but Kevin won't listen because he's too busy accusing her of deliberately not telling him about how the Millers give mad cash to the police chief. Lucy says, again, that she was wrong about Mizzz Jones, although this time she adds that she has her stashed away in the Treehouse of Lurv. Kevin is none too thrilled that Lucy is keeping a fugitive in their apartment, being that he IS "the police," and asks what's going on. Lucy says she doesn't know much, just that Gracie is in the custody of Child Protection Services. Happy either can't believe that this is happening, or is begging someone to feed her because she hasn't eaten since the block party.

Chandler makes his first and last appearance of the episode as he sits down with Brenda Baxworth. I didn't even notice that he was missing this whole time; perhaps this means that his character is extraneous and unnecessary? Something to think about, Brenda (Hampton, not Baxworth. I mean, she can think about it too, but I was talking to Brenda. Hampton.). Brenda Baxworth explains that Mr. Miller paid her and the rest of the parents to complain about Mizzz. She says she needed to money because her son doesn't have a "decent" pair of shoes. The only thing Brenda Baxworth could think of to complain about was the fact that Mizzz gets her hair cut at a barbershop, although that's only because it's run by a former student she's trying to help out. Thanks for explaining the real reasons behind Mizzz's choice of hairdresser. Her barbershop patronage was really starting to affect my liking of her character, so clearing it all up was important. Brenda Baxworth actually likes Mizzz, and wants to make sure that's on record in case she has to testify in court now that Mizzz has committed a felony. Chandler whips out the hundred-dollar bill he keeps on hand "for emergencies" and gives it to Brenda Baxworth, thanking her for setting the record straight. Brenda Baxworth admits that her son doesn't need new shoes after all; she was just lying to get money because she's greedy. Chandler takes the money back, saying that he knew she was lying about the shoes all along, as people who tell one lie will often tell another. And people who will eat one slice of pizza will often eat the entire pizza, won't they, Chandler?

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