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Mary Kate, Ashley, and their Simon sandwich

Lucy sulkily eats a carrot stick in the kitchen. I wonder why she isn't eating actual comfort food. RevCam walks in, sees that she's in a bad mood, and offers to buy her some ice cream. Aw. Lucy's lackadaisical. Her dad asks if there was a dance that night. She doesn't want to discuss it. Simon and Ruthie enter. Ruthie hands Simon a list of questions about twins to ask the Murphy girls. Lucy perks up for long enough to interject that she heard the Murphy twins were "pretty wild." Simon uses Mary as an example of why Lucy shouldn't believe everything she hears. He takes off. Ruthie tells Lucy not to be sad about Mary. "I'll take care of everything," the little brat says.

Runaway Bride shows up at Eddie's Pool Hall in leather pants and a too-tight white t-shirt. She tells the bartender that she's looking for a guy. He tells her that a guy's looking for her, too.

The Murphy twins meet Simon and Luke, wearing leather jackets and truckloads of make-up. "Tell your dad there is a God," says Luke. Why? Are the twins carrying their Bibles? The girls reveal that they lied about the group of friends they'd be with. They showed up alone. They have four hours to kill before it's time to remove their make-up, change back into less skanky clothes, and be picked up by their parents. Oh, how wild. How risqué.

We're treated to a commercial for the latest Mary Kate and Ashley video. It's something about the Olsen twins surfing and solving crime in Australia, I think. I didn't care enough to rewind and get the details.

RevCam stops outside Baskin Robbins and runs into Ruthie's principal. She lets on that she knows about his family's multitude of problems. RevCam wants to know exactly what Ruthie said.

Meanwhile, Ruthie has told Lucy the whole story of her diversionary gossip tactic. She thinks that the CamRents will thank her when they found out what she did. Lucy begs to differ.

Robin and Annie eat at Eddie's Pool Hall, partially because the fancy restaurant lost their reservation, and partially because the Gypsy Café set was unavailable that day, I guess. Robin attempts to regale Annie with a tale of a former classmate who's "a loser" because he works at a deli. Quit reading my website, Aaron Spelling. I only worked at the deli for a little while! Annie says, of the deli-worker bashing, "That's not very nice." Robin offers to sell her a copy of his book for ten dollars off. He says it'll change her life. Annie makes her charging bull face. Just then, Grace Poole and Pauline walk in and see her with her "date." They immediately get a table so they can spy.

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