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Thanks for Nothing

Martin tells Ruthie that he knows what it's like to spend Thanksgiving away from one's family because he never gets to spend it with his. But that was last week's storyline, so Martin moves on to giving Ruthie some advice: tomorrow, she should go to the kitchen and help with the cooking. Housework will get Ruthie's mind off of things, and train her to be a good little housewife to boot! Ruthie reminds Martin that she's in Puerto Rico, and there is no Thanksgiving. Martin says he's pretty sure Puerto Rico has Thanksgiving. And he's right; I checked. How does Ruthie not know that herself? You would think that Carlos or Mary or someone in the house would have mentioned it, or at least put up some decorations. Ruthie says that this Thanksgiving, she'll be grateful for her family and she counts Martin as family. "I love you, Martin. Like a brother, I mean," she says. "I love you too, Ruthie," says Martin. Well, I don't like where this is headed at all.

Simon tells Georgia that he doesn't think they should tell their parents about her pregnancy right now, what with Lucy having problems with her baby and all. Georgia says she's not going to have a baby. Simon tries to reassure her that even though things are really scary right now, it'll all be okay. "There is no baby. There never was. It was just a…" "A lie?" asks Simon, incredulous. "I didn't want to lose you," says Georgia. "What is wrong with you?" asks Simon. Same thing that's wrong with everyone on this show; she's a flat caricature of a type of person who doesn't even exist in this world and so her actions have little or no motivation to explain them. Georgia says she was afraid that Simon's relationship with Christina was going to ruin theirs or whatever. "I'm sorry," says Georgia. She runs out, leaving Simon looking alternately shocked, confused, angry, and sad. I'm sad, too. I was looking forward to seeing Annie's HagFace and RevCam's heart attack when Simon told them the news. But it's about damn time birth control worked for someone on this show.

Back in Lucy's hospital room, Matt orders the CamRents to go home. Lucy and Kevin thank them for coming.

Simon finds Matt in the hospital hall. Matt tells him that Lucy and the baby are fine, and Simon says that Georgia isn't pregnant; she was lying to make him marry her, even though Georgia said she didn't really love Simon and has dumped him in the past, so why would she be so dependent on him for her happiness now? Simon apologizes to Matt, who skipped class to be around when Simon told the CamRents about baby. Matt says it's okay, and they hug.

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