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Thanks for Nothing

RevCam and Annie pack up the car and RevCam sneezes. "You're not going to get sick," Annie demands sympathetically. She continues that he can't be sick for tomorrow's Thanksgiving festivities, to which RevCam grouses that they already celebrated the holiday last week and last night. He says it's a moot point anyway, since he took a bunch of anti-cold medicines that he learned about while doing some research to "impress" Matt. I don't understand how above-average knowledge of over-the-counter medicine would impress someone who obviously hates the "Health and Beauty" section of the grocery store so much that he won't enter it to buy shampoo, but whatever.

Simon and Georgia are having breakfast on the Promenade and trying to decide when they should tell their parents the Mysterious Secret you may remember from last week's episode. That's an impressive show of continuity from the writers, who should know that I would forgive them if they forgot that Lucy is pregnant and dropped the storyline. "You're not feeling morning sickness, are you?" Simon asks Georgia. "No, not at all," she responds airily. And with that exchange, both the Mysterious Secret (Georgia's pregnant) and the conclusion of this story arc (Georgia's not really pregnant) have been revealed, and all before the opening credits. Do I still have to recap the rest of this?

Oh, I do. Well, crap.

Today's Opening Credits Timewaster is a long opening shot of the CamPound, followed by Lucy, who isn't actually in the CamPound, doing some household chores, which is impressive when you consider that she was too infirm to even get out of bed earlier. Matt walks right on in and reports that Kevin couldn't make the hamburgers for her before he had to go to work, but that Matt would be happy to take her out for something. Lucy says that's fine, and that they can go pick up a turkey for tomorrow while they're out. Matt says he won't be enjoying it because he'll be back in New York tomorrow. For the audience's benefit, Lucy asks him why he isn't there already. Matt says that he felt like since Annie made such a big deal about him having to be home to his Dean, he'd be better off staying home. Well, that's just pathetic, writers. Especially since Annie was only able to get Matt Thanksgiving DAY off, not THE ENTIRE WEEK before it. What was the point of making such a big deal out of Matt not being to come home last week if they were going to totally go back on that in the very next episode with just a throwaway line to explain things? It's like they think that the fans of this show are too stupid to -- oh, I see. Never mind. Lucy suspects that Matt is sticking around because there's something going on with Simon.

Simon pays the breakfast check and laments that he doesn't have enough money to pay for a baby. Does he have enough money to pay for an abortion? And aren't adoptions free to the biological parents? I'll bet there are a lot of people out there who would love the blond-haired, blue-eyed baby Simon and Georgia are sure to produce, even if it is tainted with the CamDNA. But we won't be considering either of these options today, so let's move on. Georgia asks Simon if he wants a boy or a girl, and he says a boy. Georgia frowns and says she wants a girl. Simon says girls are trouble, and Georgia asks if he's talking about her. Simon says he's talking about his three sisters. He's right; when they aren't throwing toilet paper around, they're befriending Muslims. And then there's Lucy.

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