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Thanks for Nothing

Georgia is wearing bright blue Ugg boots that match her bright blue sweatshirt, much like, before she changed into a hospital gown, Lucy was wearing pink Ugg boots that matched her pink sweater. They both should be shot for this, as should this show's wardrobe person, who seems to be saving herself some work by having all characters dress in the same way-past-trendy "fashions." Simon tells Georgia that he's ready to be a father, even though it means having to give up or adjust his future plans. He says he's finally ready to tell their parents. Georgia says that she wouldn't mind waiting on that; she's still getting used to the idea having a child and getting married. Whoa, no one said anything about getting married, did they? Apparently they did, because Simon doesn't object. He says he wants to tell his parents as soon as possible, and they should talk to them "parents to parents." They kiss and hug. I'll admit it: I liked Simon in this episode. Actually, I've liked Simon this whole season. I guess it takes running a child over to make a Camden semi-likable.

Matt takes a seat next to Lucy's bed. She thinks that all this happened because she was doing "too much." She was thinking of herself and not the baby. "It's not about me anymore," she says, and we'll just see how long that attitude holds up. I predict three seconds. And I'm right, because as soon as Lucy's done with her "I'm going to be a mother" speech, she tries to get the gossip about Simon from Matt. Matt won't say anything, so Lucy start talking petty shit about Georgia and how she doesn't trust her. Matt agrees. Lucy asks Matt if he's ever going to have children, and Matt starts talking about himself. Lucy simply can't have anyone around her's attention focused on anything but her, so she has a seizure. Matt starts screaming for help, like any good soon-to-be doctor should.

Back from commercial, Dr. Klein and his nurses have assembled around Lucy's bed and are administering medicine as she seizures all over the place. Matt tries to put an oxygen mask on her face and asks Dr. Klein if they should intubate. Dr. Klein tells him to wait. Matt says Lucy should be on a dopamine drip. Should Matt even be in the room? He doesn't have any credentials, and he isn't a medical student at the Glenoak Hospital. So really, this is roughly akin to me walking into a hospital off the street and performing CPR on random patients. Except that I would probably be less harmful than Matt in any medical capacity. Lucy stops seizing, and the nurses report that her vitals are returning to normal. Matt asks if Lucy and the baby will be okay, and Dr. Klein says he doesn't know. Dun dun dunnnnnnn!

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