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Vic's at the twenty-four-hour Marine Recruitment Office that must be awfully close by the Camden household. Anyway, he gets told he's too old to enlist for any of the branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, and then tries to lie about his age. Then he lays out way too much personal information to the recruiting officer, about Paris, Peter, and his own alcoholism, and is told, "Maybe there's another group you could join -- something with no age limit." Vic just looks at the Wise Marine Recruitment Officer.

Having finished servicing the missus, RevCam is getting something out of the fridge when the Marine walks in, and RevCam asks if everything is okay, since they heard shouting. The Marine probably could have asked the same thing of RevCam, now, couldn't he? RevCam wants to know if there's anything he can do, a question he didn't even ask his own damn wife (whom he can't even be bothered to spend time with after having got what he wanted). And the Marine blathers on about what a complete shock it was when his wife died, which he says was "four or five" years ago, and maybe HE MIGHT REMEMBER EXACTLY WHEN HIS WIFE DIED, especially since, as he says, he was in love with her the day he met her. He admits that he and Martin never talked much about it, since he figured there really wasn't anything they could do but move on. "Not that I moved on right away," he adds. Really? Even though you're a Marine? And a man? Huh. Somewhere along the way, we learn that the Marine married Martin's mom when she got pregnant, and the Marine manages to say he "enjoys the company of women," and this guy has a real Tom Cruise "protest too much" air about him, doesn't he? ["Hey! You're not supposed to ask, nor he to tell, as I understand things." -- Wing Chun] Cecilia comes in carrying the tray with the untouched chocolate cake, and since the director probably told her to appear a little anxious because of the tension between Martin and his dad, she appears absolutely terrified as she asks if everything's okay, and RevCam asks her where Martin might have run off to after fighting with his dad, and Cecilia says he's probably on the bleachers at the school baseball field. She says her goodbyes, and hugs Martin's dad and says it's been nice hanging around him the last couple of days and says she admires him and thanks him for doing what he does, in another paragraph of Brenda Hampton's star-spangled love letter overseas. "My son's got good taste," he says, like, KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS, SOLDIER.

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