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In the treehouse, Kevin and Lucy cuddle while he tells her how much he enjoyed her flirting with him at dinner, which is why he called her home for "dessert," and he wishes she did that every night. She admits that she was jealous of the attention he was paying to Roxanne, which he says was only because he was worried she was going to pummel Betsy, and the whole thing devolves into Kevin's saying how lucky he is to be married to Lucy, and it's rather sad that Lucy has to flirt with him and respond to his demand for sex for him to say that he's lucky. He says it's because the whole Chandler/Paris/Vic thing made him appreciate how lucky he is, but that's almost as bad, isn't it?

Ruthie/Peter split-screen telephone conversation nonsense. Peter says he's happy. It's good that he says it, because you'd never know it from his blank, never-changing expression. Why is he happy? Because his dad is at home (news to us), and Vic and Paris don't seem mad at each other anymore. So he decided to celebrate by calling Ruthie and speaking in his patented flat monotone to her. Ruthie hangs up and makes a now-back-to-work face.

Anyway, Vic and Paris do seem to be getting along famously in the kitchen, even if he won't tell her where he went earlier that evening. He says he went out to think about what he could do to make his ex-wife and son proud of him. Peter has come in for this last bit, and says he is proud of Vic, which Vic knows is bogus. Anyway, the phone rings, but Paris, who'd rather listen to Vic prattle on about himself, tells them to let the machine pick up. It's Roxanne, who wants to talk to Paris because she thinks she did something stupid -- namely, falling in love with a guy leaving for Iraq tomorrow. And the reason she called Paris is because she accidentally told Betsy that Chandler's still in love with her -- and at that point, Peter starts hammering on the machine to make it stop. Vic looks at her and asks, "You and Chandler?" Paris says they're just friends. Vic ain't havin' it, and says he'd better be going, but not before complaining that he thought everything was going right in his life, for once. Peter -- who has forgotten all about how much he wanted Chandler to be his dad -- says that Paris should go after him, but Paris just says she thinks he'll work things out for himself.

RevCam. Sleeping in a mini-van. Blissful unconsciousness, how I wish thee were mine. The Marine and Martin are now finally talking. Or at least they're both moodily staring at the baseball diamond. Martin apologizes, and his dad says he wasn't expecting an apology -- just that he couldn't think of what to say. The Marine says he isn't sorry he kissed Roxanne, but that he does feel "badly [sic]" that Martin thinks the Marine betrayed Martin's mother. He says he felt the same way the first time he kissed a woman after his wife died, but what was he supposed to do? "Never kiss a woman again for the rest of my life?" Well, since he's a Marine and a man, that clearly isn't an option. Martin talks about his dead mom some more, and says, "I didn't want her to die." The Marine -- whose name perhaps is Mr. Sensitivity -- says, "I don't think she had a choice." Anyway, more blah blah, and they're both proud of each other. Martin asks if his dad wants him to call Roxanne and apologize for yelling at her. "Why would you do that?" asks the Marine. Yeah, why would he apologize? Martin says he'd apologize in case the Marine wants to make out with Roxanne the next time he's on leave. "Would you mind?" says the Marine. Great. Don't apologize to her because you were rude to her; apologize to her so she can provide your dad with the sex he deserves when he's home next time. Commercials.

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