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Four blades. Four blades! I never thought I'd live to see the day. My grandkids will be shaving with twelve blades.

Back at the CamPound, Martin hands the phone over so that we can get yet another stupid split-screen while the Marine tells Roxanne how much he respects her and loves that she's a cop, and opinionated. She asks if she'll ever hear from again, and he says she will: "I'll be in touch," he says. How romantic! Betsy flounces in, saying she's been waiting for them, but because of the lipstick smeared all over her face, the Marine dryly notes that that's not all she's been doing. She squeals that she was just "restoring some of Chandler's dignity." I certainly hope he remembered to zip up. She wants to know if the two of them talked: "Is it baseball or college?" The Marine gives a little speech about how Martin makes good decisions, so as long as he doesn't close the door on going to college altogether, playing pro ball is okay with him. "Really?" "Absolutely." "Thanks." They shake hands, like, the Marine is already closer to Roxanne than he is to his own son.

Vic's back at the same AA meeting. I guess the second time you get up to speak, you get to stand at a podium that wasn't there before.

Ruthie's room. Thank god she's finally at least picked up a pencil to complete the illusion that she's working on math. RevCam wanders in, gets his offer of help with the algebra rebuffed, and offers to "wake up" Ruthie's mother so she can help, like, between the cooking and the chocolate and the cock, Annie must be quite tuckered out. They talk a bit about Martin's dad going back to Iraq. "I feel for him," says Ruthie, who wonders what she can do -- what any of them can do. "We can take a good look in the mirror, and when we all see peace, we'll have peace on earth." In other words, NOTHING. Do nothing, and wait for peace, says the Reverend. Only the madness is not quite over. First we need a bad '80s-sounding song with someone yelling, "Give us peeeaaaace, in our time..." while the Camdens and hangers-on look in the mirror. Kevin gets dressed while Lucy brushes her hair. Ruthie puts her textbook away and of course stares at herself. Annie and the RevCam smile while watching SamVid brush their teeth and drool all over the place, I'm not kidding. Roxanne puts on her lipstick and then spends about an hour smiling at herself. Chandler adjusts his tie for an equally long time. Cecilia -- actually looking off-camera for her cue -- tucks her hair behind her ears. Peter checks his hair, and his mom comes in and hugs him and they both smile. Vic shaves, and then smiles at himself.

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