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Betsy's pacing back and forth as Martin watches, and I have to say that I wouldn't be surprised if Martin were feeling rather conflicted over confusing feelings for his aunt, what with her being about his age and in a really really short skirt. Perhaps he's dealing with those feelings by snapping at her, as he does here, to stop pacing since she's making him nervous. And she bitches at him that she can't stand still while that "peacenik" is in there with her brother, and she's outraged that Roxanne would "attack" a Marine on leave of duty from a war, and the way I remember it, Betsy set the fire by immediately telling the Marine that Roxanne "hates war," so maybe she should cram it sideways, and Martin says he bets his dad is giving her a piece of his mind right now, and I hate to tell the poor kid exactly what Roxanne and the Marine are giving each other right now. And then, says Martin, the Marine will probably come out here and give them a piece of his mind as well. Then Martin says that his dad has been home three days and hasn't said a word about Martin's college/pro ball dilemma. Okay, what? Did the Marine not say, when he arrived right before dinner, that he just drove in from the base, which was why he hadn't had time to change his uniform? Am I crazy? (Answer: now more than ever.) Betsy wants to know why the Marine would mad at her, since she thinks Martin should go to college. "Are you attacking everyone tonight?" spits Martin. Wanting to see your nephew go to college equals attacking him. Good to know. Betsy wants to know whom she's been attacking, and Martin -- along with everyone watching -- just makes this "Duh!" face, and Betsy spazzes some more about the "hippie cop" (yeah, watch out for those "hippie" cops), and draws an absolutely LUDICROUS parallel between shooting bad guys within the U.S. and shooting bad guys in other countries. "Since when do you have a problem with my not going to college?" Martin wants to know. "Since always," says Betsy, who adds that she told RevCam. "Didn't he tell you?" she says. Martin says no. No, I guess not. But hey, in life, as in war, I guess sometimes plans change. RevCam was probably going to mention it, but then he decided he'd rather bend Annie over the washing machine in the basement.

Martin stomps off, where he meets Cecilia concentrating very hard on walking down the stairs until she hits her mark and asks Martin what's wrong, and he says he just found out that his aunt wants him to go to college instead of playing professional baseball, and that she told RevCam so. Cecilia just smiles. "You think I should go to college?" Martin says. Cecilia just smiles. "What is this, an ambush?" Martin asks, seemingly unaware that he's the one who keeps it bringing up the subject with the people supposedly "ambushing" him. He says he's going to talk to RevCam, which for some reason makes Cecilia kiss him and say, "You probably should." Might I suggest that he wait a moment before seeking out RevCam? Because if he ventures into the basement, he'll witness something a hell of a lot more traumatic than anything he saw in Road to Perdition. Thankfully, he goes upstairs, and sits at the top. This is where Peter comes in and apologizes for what he said about his dad beating up Martin's dad; he only said it because he wants to be proud of his dad. Vic, naturally, is at the bottom of the stairs listening to this, and he looks dejected and heads outside. You're telling me with all the eavesdropping that goes on in this house of the half-whispered conversations, no one overhears RevCam curling Annie's toes in the basement?

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