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Over at Eleanor Roosevelt School, SuperMom runs across the driveway in her school uniform and jumps on top of RevCam. She's happy because she "aced" her test. That's pretty cool, but I'd be able to take it more seriously if she were going somewhere other than Crawford Clown College. She's got her tongue down RevCam's throat when Ruthie and some school administrator walk up. Ruthie's totally excited because this school has riding classes, no homework, and a flexible schedule. Okay, maybe this will turn out to be a dream sequence. The administrative woman continues her spiel, which sounds like some lazy writer ripped it off wholesale from some real-life alternative private school's brochure. For some inexplicable reason, the school wants to admit Ruthie. I know, I can't figure it out either.

Back at the CamPound, Mary is berating her insurance rep again. I'm sure it's completely justified, because after all, without a car Mary can't work and earn money. So obviously the insurance company should just let her make payments whenever it's convenient for her. The insurance rep starts to say something about informing the DMV that Mary's insurance is cancelled, but Mary cuts her off. And in case you were wondering -- yes, she did it rudely. The episode ends with Mary threatening to drive her car without insurance and then slamming the phone down. I have no idea what delicious plots the writers have lined up to get Mary off the show, but I'd like to suggest they kill her character off so there's absolutely no chance of her ever returning. Ever.

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