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Here We Go Again

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Here We Go Again

At the dinner table, to which Matt has invited himself, Ruthie stands and yells that she hates Ms. Riddle. Annie tries to placate her, and then Simon calls her an idiot. "No wonder you don't have any friends," Ruthie snipes at him before running upstairs. RevCam tells Simon that his remark was uncalled for and then starts to yell after Ruthie. Lucy gets up and sulks that she has homework to do. Simon goes upstairs to "make some friends," and maybe after that he'll "make some gold." Simon is so facetious. The camera pans to Matt, who's eating corn on the cob in a ridiculously hoggish way. It actually made me snort a little. But then of course they showed him doing it about six more times and it stopped being amusing. Annie asks Matt, Eric, and the twins, "Who wants pie?" Eric perks up, asking if she had time to bake a pie that day. Annie says she had time to take one out of the box and heat it up in the oven. She tells him to go get the pie, and then gestures so that he'll understand that she wants to have a private talk with Matt. Simon comes down and suspiciously claims that there's no more toilet paper in the bathroom. Annie tells him where to find more and he leaves. StuporMom asks if Matt heard that she has a class with Heather. Matt drops his corn and asks if Heather told Annie about the wedding. Annie asks if Matt still wants to spend the rest of his life with Heather. Matt cuts her off, saying something isn't right. Then he jumps to the conclusion that Annie is breaking up with him on Heather's behalf. Whatever. But Annie doesn't deny it, and Matt storms off without his pie, which Eric is now bringing in. Annie reveals that she broke up with Matt for Heather. She leaves as RevCam makes a face at the pie and scrapes it off his plate. What a jerk. Why couldn't he bake a pie? What does he do all day besides get in people's business and mimeograph old sermons? See if I'd even buy a Dolly Madison pie from the gas station for such an ingrate.

Upstairs, Lucy's trying to convince Simon to call Andrew's house and find out why he's still in Europe. Nosy Eric bursts in to find out what they're discussing. Lucy talks about how she was angry at Andrew for going to Europe over the summer. RevCam tells her that all the "binge-dating" she did probably wasn't a good way to express that anger. Whatever. Simon looks at his watch, and eagle-eyed Eric asks if he has to be somewhere. Simon says no. RevCam suggests that Lucy talk to Mr. Nayloss. He adds a sentence about taking responsibility for something or other. Lucy thanks her dad and leaves. RevCam offers his ear to Simon, who says school was fine that day. Then RevCam starts to leave but steps on Simon's bag, which he immediately opens, like the nosy bastard he is. The bag is full of toilet paper. D'oh! Simon says he's just trying to make some friends, like RevCam wanted.

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