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Here We Go Again

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Here We Go Again

In the least realistic scene of the hour, Lucy phones Mr. Nayloss, who is sitting on his couch with his bulldog. She tells him she was hoping he'd answer the phone so she could apologize to him. He asks why. She's sorry for whatever she did that was so bad that he felt the need to send Andrew away from her. Mr. Nayloss says snidely that he "heard" Lucy was "out every night this summer with a different guy." What does he do, eat lunch at the school cafeteria so he can keep up with the gossip? Lucy explains that she did it because she was angry about Andrew leaving. She apologizes again and calls Andrew a "classy guy." Mr. Nayloss covers the mouthpiece of his phone, turns to his dog, and says, "This girl's either a she-devil or a saint!" I pause the VCR, turn to my hamster, and say, "'She-devil'? What the hell is this -- a Bob Hope movie?" Mr. Nayloss says he's sorry, too, and that Andrew's flying in that evening and he will have Andrew call Lucy when he gets there. They hang up. Mr. Nayloss tells his dog, "Bite me. I did something really stupid." For real -- he told his dog to bite him.

Time to investigate California's lemon laws

The CamRents follow Mary into her room, arguing with her as Lucy looks on. Mary asks if Lucy wants to see her new car, and they run out the door. RevCam points at Annie, saying it's all her fault. For once, Annie shows a reasonable amount of anger over an appropriate subject. "This is all about my taking one course? One lousy college course? Yeah, it's always the mother's fault. The mother's always the one to be blamed for anything, if anything goes wrong. Well, FINE. I'm going to bed. TSK." She should have kicked him, too, though. She runs away, and Eric makes a goofy face and says goodnight. What a jerkwad. I think Annie should go to Dallas for a week or two and have some fun.

The girls fawn over Mary's new convertible in the garage. Simon joins them with his backpack full of toilet paper and asks for a ride. He informs them that RevCam gave him permission to TP a house. They're surprised. "Just don't tell Mom," Simon says.

At Matt's place, Heather shows up to ask how his dinner at his parents' went. She's consistently happy-looking as she breaks up with Matt. She says he pities her because she's deaf. She loves him, but she's not ready to marry him. She only said yes to his proposal because she was surprised. Matt goes into his usual crack-addict routine, yelling and clenching his fists and teeth in a way that I guess is supposed to be funny. He turns his back on Heather as he yells at her, and she laughs because she can't read his lips anymore. Nice respect for your boyfriend, there, Heather. He mellows out and she tells him that it's too soon to be friends, so she'll just see him around the campus. So she's only getting paid for the one episode this year, apparently. She kisses his cheek and leaves. Nosy John, Matt's roommate, comes out of the other room and remarks that he can't believe it's over. Hi, John. Oh, too late. He's gone. Matt calls StuporMom to apologize for his earlier behavior. I fit in about three hundred Kegels while they have their completely unnecessary rehash phone conversation. RevCam comes in to eavesdrop and Matt finally has to hang up on his mom like the rude dog he is.

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