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Peter talks to some nerdy kids about meeting up with them later tonight. I don't think the kids are supposed to be nerds, though, as one of them is wearing a shirt with a dragon on it to advertise his bad-ass-ity. When Ruthie walks up, they beat a hasty, and understandable, retreat. "See ya, Pete," they say. "'Pete'?" Ruthie asks, all mad that her boyfriend has shortened his name by one letter. Ruthie's emulation of her adopted mother's behavior adds credence to the nurture-over-nature argument. Meanwhile, what the hell is up with the other kids in the school hallway? Some of them look like they're five years old, and others look about twenty. Peter says he does actually have friends other than her, which is news to me, and that he won't be coming over to help her baby-sit tonight. He has to spend time with his dad. Ruthie is pissed: "This is the first time I'm officially babysitting [pause that is long enough for me to be able to go to the fridge to get some yogurt] the twins by myself. It's two on one. I need you [even longer pause that enables me to drive to the grocery store, buy some more yogurt, and come back] there to even out the odds of it." Peter says he sorry, but his dad really wants to spend time with him.

Chandler walks into a school office and asks why he was called in and if anything bad happened to Jeffrey. Do I detect a certain amount of hope in his voice? Jeffrey walks in and says there's nothing wrong; Chandler was supposed to pick him up. Chandler was not informed about this. He also had no idea, as it turns out, that Jeffrey's grandma is in the hospital, so Jeffrey is staying with him tonight. Way to keep your guardians abreast, Jeff. Chandler's annoyed now, because not only did nothing bad happen to Jeffrey, thus releasing him from his obligation to adopt the little bitch, but now he also has to spend the whole night with him. Jeffrey says if he doesn't get some food soon, there could be an emergency. Adorable.

Today's Opening Credits Timewaster starts off with Annie making a weird facial expression as she writes something down. RevCam enters the kitchen and opens the fridge to reveal no less than three half-gallon containers of milk and a tiny jar of mayonnaise, the Breakfast of White Champions. And with economizing like that, it's no wonder they can't afford that down payment. RevCam skulks around the kitchen. I guess now that all his kids are out of the house, he's been reduced to stalking the lettuce. Annie is still preoccupied with her very attractive impersonation of one of the higher order primates, so RevCam grabs a tiny container of (vanilla, of course) ice cream out of the freezer. He's about to eat his first spoonful when Annie comes out of nowhere to stop him. RevCam whines that he just wanted a snack before they left for dinner at a new neighbor's house. Annie's having none of that and tells RevCam that he's not even supposed to have ice cream. This scene confused my mother:

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