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Peter sort of apologizes to his parents. Paris asks him why the hell he would drink. Peter says it's no big deal; he only had a little bit. Paris says it's a really big deal, because Peter is her fourteen-year-old son. Vic says he was fifteen when he started drinking, so now Peter is doomed to repeat all his mistakes and become a total loser. But then maybe he'll be able to turn his life around before Vic did. Then he starts crying and begs Peter not to be like him, and that every day he wishes that he never started drinking in the first place. Too bad Bryan Callen's not a good enough actor to actually cry, but this scene was still better than anything any of the regulars on this show have ever done. Paris says they aren't even close to finishing this discussion, but now Peter has to go to bed.

RevCam comes in to talk to Ruthie. He says she's probably "upset" and "confused." RevCam and Ruthie agree that they have no idea why Peter would drink, and RevCam says there are no easy answers and that what Peter did was out of character. That's true, and any time this episode could have spent explaining it was instead spent on the Johnson's Decorating Dilemma. RevCam says that Peter needs their "love and support now…more than ever." Then RevCam health-class-pamphlets that Peter, as a child of an alcoholic, is more likely to become one himself. Four times more likely, in fact. And he'll need Ruthie's help or whatever. Annie walks in and asks if Ruthie's still mad at Peter. Ruthie says she is, but she's more scared than anything else.

The Lame Clear Phone rings, and RevCam answers. It's Peter, who asks if he can talk to Ruthie. In fact, he can. The CamRents stand around and listen to their conversation like the nosy assholes they are. Peter tells Ruthie he doesn't know how to apologize to Ruthie. He does so in a Cheesy Split Screen. Ruthie asks Peter why he did it; Peter says "there's no explanation" because the writers are lazy. Ruthie says she'll always "be scared" for Peter and she'll never look at him the same way again because she's a judgmental loser. Peter promises he'll never do it again, and he's going to Alateen meetings. Ruthie holds the phone under her chin and tells Peter that that's good, and she'll support him. Then she hangs up on him. Mackenzie Rosman attempts to act us into the closing credits.

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