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Sara Mom: What is Annie's problem with RevCam eating ice cream?
Sara M: He isn't supposed to have any because of all his heart attacks.
Sara Mom: Oh. Well, I think Annie's eating enough for both of them.

You know your parents love you when they watch 7th Heaven just to understand your recaps. RevCam worries about leaving Ruthie alone with the twins. As well he should be -- I'm sure she'll perform some type of satanic ritual on them, with deadly consequences. Actually, it turns out that RevCam isn't worried about the twins at all; he just doesn't want to go to the dinner party. I must say I'm shocked that RevCam could be so selfish. Oh, wait: I'm totally not, at all. Through clenched teeth, Annie lectures her husband that they're going to the dinner, and that Ruthie should have more responsibility. Ruthie hears that and takes it as a compliment, when all it really is is a license for Annie to make her do more unpleasant household chores.

RevCam and Annie say they're new to letting Ruthie baby-sit. Except not at all, since it was only last week that Ruthie was complaining that she should get the Treehouse because she watches the twins so often. Annie gives Ruthie the phone number of every single person in Glenoak, as well as those of Matt, Mary, and Simon. Yeah, because if some emergency happened, Ruthie should definitely call one of her siblings who's too far away to do anything about it. RevCam gives her money for pizza. Ruthie says everything will be fine, and physically shoves RevCam and Annie out the door. She says Peter might come over later to help. RevCam and Annie worry that this could lead to making out, something they weren't quite as concerned with when they freaking let Peter sleep over a few months ago, so Annie tells Ruthie to be sure to "keep everything downstairs and in the presence of your brothers." Because it's never too early to impress upon children the importance of physical relationships. And thanks, CamRents, for getting a mental picture of Ruthie and Peter making out stuck in my head.

Jeffrey holds the door open for Chandler as he enters loaded down with grocery bags. Jeffrey demands dinner; Chandler says he'll get started on that as soon as the groceries are put away. So Jeffrey yells at him for not going fast enough with the groceries. I would have booted him out of the house right then and there, but Chandler just puts him to work putting away the groceries. Except that Jeffrey can't reach the shelves, so he's just useless.

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