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High Anxiety

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High Anxiety

Ruthie and the T-1000 are bemoaning the fact that they weren't able to find Ben at the airport and stop him from going to see Mary. Just as they finish saying that, Ben pulls up in his car behind them. I was assuming it was just too hard to find that ticket that Mary left him "in the airport," but it turns out that Ben just changed his mind. He does a little gratuitous Mary-bashing, because that's what Brenda likes. When Ben calls Mary beautiful, I spit water all over my keyboard. I just wish the twins could be here to chime in with a few choruses of "she's byoooootiful!" Seriously, though, I wonder if Ms. Tenney is actively trying to be offensive with that.

Roxanne finds RevBong in the church office. She's there to apologize, and, to be fair, she does a pretty good job at it. I'm actually liking her a bit more by the end -- although I'm certainly not liking her enough to think she and RevBong can carry their own spin-off together.

Now we're in for a nice long post-sweeps hiatus. Enjoy, because the next new episode will be Lucy's wedding. I'm guessing I'll need all the strength I can muster for that one.

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