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Holy War, Part I

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Holy War, Part I

After RevCam leaves, Simon and Robbie come downstairs. Simon asks his brother if he's decided on a best man yet. Dopey offhandedly mentions that John is out of town and asks Robbie if he wants to be the best man. Aw, that really tugs at the heartstrings! Where has John been all season anyway? I thought he'd moved to New York (the city, that is) last year when he got married. Oh, well, it's not like continuity has ever been a really big part of this show. Robbie accepts Dopey's charming request to be his best man with a vacuous, "Yeah, I guess." Simon seethes.

Plot Contrivance is lying in wait for her father. She wants to bitch him out for pressuring Dopey to convert, even though Richard claims that there was no pressure. PC goes on to accuse her father of trying to cause some "drama" that will endanger the wedding. Hey, whatever happens, I'm sure he's doing a much better job of creating drama than Brenda Hampton is.

Annie storms into the CamKitchen and tells RevCam, "I'm a stupid dead woman." Well, she's half right. She tells Eric that she assumed that only PC's parents and grandparents would be attending the rehearsal dinner, and that she certainly hadn't planned to have a hundred Glass relatives show up. You know, Annie, this is why when you plan a rehearsal dinner, you ask someone like the bride's mother how many people to expect from their side. Oh, why am I bothering? This entire wedding is too ridiculous for words. Annie displays her ignorance some more by wondering if it's even possible to have a kosher potluck dinner. Of course it is, but it would have to be planned by someone who's not a total idiot, so that pretty much takes Annie out of the running. Undaunted, Annie decides that she's going to book the pool hall and find a kosher chef. That's right, for tonight's dinner. I'm guessing that, since the kids are not at school, the day is Saturday. And since we've already seen the disastrous ceremony-planning session in Rabbi Richard's office, Rosina dealing with the caterers, Dopey meeting with Richard and then coming home again to tell RevCam about his decision to convert, it has to be at least late afternoon by now. Does Annie really think the pool hall is going to close down on what is probably their busiest night of the week to host her dinner? Does she actually believe she will find a kosher caterer who can plan a menu, buy ingredients, and prepare food for over a hundred people in a few hours? Would a kosher caterer even be taking calls on a Saturday? Well, far be it from me to ruin something as lovely and magical as the Dopey-PC fake-o wedding, so I'll just shut up now.

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