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Holy War, Part II

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Holy War, Part II

Richard makes a few opening remarks, annoyingly introducing RevCam as his "co-pilot." Then RevCam begins the ceremony. He waits a really long time after asking if there is anyone who is protesting the wedding, but it seems that the fact that Dopey and PC are already married has been relegated to the area reserved for "plots whose stupidity we didn't realize until it was too late." That's right -- the whole issue has been conveniently swept under the carpet. I wonder what's going to happen when either RevCam or Rabbi Richard try to file the marriage papers. But let's not worry about that now. Dopey and PC are reciting their Christian wedding vows. Hey, what happened to the word "obey"? Annie pushes the twins up to the front. They're the ring bearers, and they look particularly stupid in their fugly red vests, bow ties, and bloomers. I suppose it's better than putting them into miniature tuxedoes, but not by much.

Finally, we get to the traditional breaking of the glass. Rabbi Richard explains the custom, and then RevCam places a glass wrapped in a napkin by Matt's foot. When the Dopester steps on it, it makes a dull snapping sound, which makes me wonder if Dopey has broken the glass or his ankle. Everyone shouts, "Mazel tov!" though it takes Annie a while longer than everyone else to get the words out. As Dopey and PC kiss, RevCam reaches over to hug Rabbi Richard. There's a bit of confusion there, and at first it looks like he's going in for a kiss himself, but eventually they get it sorted out.

And that's it. Dopey and his bride are married. Again.

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