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He's anxious for the Dopester to be at the Bachelor Pad when he meets Priscilla's parents for the first time. Why he would think meeting Dopey could possibly impress Priscilla's parents is a mystery of gigantic proportions. Dopey cracks me up by claiming that his family needs him. By this, I think he means that he's got a hankering to meddle in everyone else's business for a while. John expresses his sadness that Matt won't support him in his plan to marry Priscilla. Dopey just whines judgmentally about how he disapproves of the situation. My, what a lovely message that sends about friendship! Maybe it will inspire me to sit down and make a list of all the things that I think my friends should change about the way they are living their lives. Come on, you can do it too! Remember, no detail is too petty or personal to be exempt from your scrutiny. Feel free to weigh in on everything, especially if it is an issue that has no effect on you whatsoever. Then call up each soon-to-be-ex-friend and favour him or her with your unsolicited opinion of how to handle things. After each and every one of them has told you to go to hell and slammed down the phone on your ass, go down to the police station and see if you can get the cops to share personal info about people you know. They might even want to gossip about whether drivers stopped for traffic violations were driving under the influence of alcohol. It doesn't matter if the cops didn't give the suspects a breathalyzer test; I'm sure they'd be pleased to speculate with you now, after the fact.

If you're still feeling self-righteous after that, don't forget to make a stop at your local car dealership. Maybe one of your ex-friends is having trouble making his or her car payments. If you ask real nice, the dealership might let you take possession of the car in question. Oh, but I guess this stuff only works if you live in Glenoak. Everywhere else, people would just think you were an asshole or -- at the very least -- highly delusional. Anyway, John is pissed at Matt for being so unsupportive. He annoyingly tries out a little reverse psychology: telling Dopey not to come to the parental meeting, then waiting for Dopey to beg for an invitation. The Dopester doesn't pick up on this cue; he just lets his jaw go all slack while he stares back at John.

At the CamPound, Ruthie answers a ringing phone to find Mary on the other end. In an unusual display of intelligence, Mary guesses that Ruthie will probably hang up on her, so she begs her not to. Actually, she bribes her to get "information" about Lucy's alleged romance with Robbie. Ruthie sets her straight, then starts extolling Robbie's virtues, all of which are physical. If you didn't catch this episode when it aired, be grateful, because at least you won't have the memory of Ruthie's voice describing how Robbie looks without his shirt on. She repeats that Lucy and Robbie are not an item, then hangs up on Mary. Robbie walks in, and Ruthie says, "You'd tell me if you were dating Lucy, wouldn't you?" Robbie says he would. Ruthie switches gears and asks him if his teeth are real. He's not overly fazed by her bizarre questions.

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