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It's The RevCam 'n' Robbie Show

Next we see shots of various family members picking up telephone extensions and dialing numbers without even listening to the receiver first to make sure there's a dial tone. That's about as likely as Ruthie skipping through the house, but I guess reality has to take a back seat when you've got comic hijinks like these to play out. RevCam yells at them all to get off the phone because he has to make an emergency call. Then he hangs up the phone. Oh, the hilarity! The phone rings immediately, and RevCam hesitates but does end up answering. He's greeted by silence, which he attributes to Mary rather than the heavy-breathing obscene caller I was hoping for. It turns out that it is Mary, and she remains silent, even though he asks her politely to talk to him. SuperMom walks in to witness the humiliation as Mary hangs up on him. Annie's displaying her nutjob tendencies again as she attributes Mary's anger to the fact that Robbie is living at the CamPound. Fuck! Just give it up already! A character's refusal to understand such an elementary concept does not a plot make, all right? Aaurgghh! Annie leaves, and RevCam goes back to staring at the telephone.

I perk up a bit during the commercial break, but unfortunately the show returns.

We see an establishing shot of something that turns out to be Heather's apartment. She's there with her boyfriend, and they're listening to Dopey rant about how John won't arrange his love life in accordance with Dopey's opinions. Heather's boyfriend pipes up with the reasonable opinion that "sometimes it's best to just stay away and let things resolve themselves." Matt claims he's tried that tactic, and it didn't work. Whatever, loserboy. Then he switches over to attacking Robbie for a while, and winds down with the assertion that the only place he feels comfortable is here in Heather's apartment. Only he has to ask the boyfriend what his name is. Okay, as a joke, that's not bad, especially when Matt restates how comfortable he is here and asks if he can go into the kitchen and eat Heather's food. She and the boyfriend, Thomas, call Dopey "needy" behind his back. Heather has an awful lot of dried flowers in her living room.

Lucy walks into her room to see Ruthie "borrowing" some of her make-up. The sisters share a stupid, annoying heart-to-heart about the fact that Ruthie says she is in love. She won't name the object of her affections, but we all know it's Robbie.

John is nervously preparing for the arrival of Priscilla's parents, while she tries to calm him down. He's still unaccountably disappointed by the fact that Matt's not around. Priscilla tells him to go find the Dopester, since it's obvious John won't be comfortable without him. That's a little weird. Will Dopey be joining them on their honeymoon, and wherever they end up living, too?

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