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It's The RevCam 'n' Robbie Show

Time for more phone fun. Robbie calls Mary in Buffalo. You can see snow falling outside the Colonel's house. Mary harshes all over Robbie for going out with Lucy. Wait -- I thought we'd cleared this whole stupid mess up, but evidently Mary has as much of a short-term memory problem as the rest of her family does. All right, I'll play along. Mary hangs up on Robbie. At first he looks confused. Yeah, Robbie, that's when happens when someone is sick of you and doesn't want to talk to you anymore. Like, I'm sure you've never been hung up on before. The camera pulls back, and we see that RevCam is sitting next to Robbie. Yuck, that's a little creepy. Eric tells Robbie to call Mary back. I love how they're always complaining about money problems but then everyone's totally frivolous about long-distance calling. So Robbie phones Mary and tries to explain about RevCam taking him in off the street. She doesn't believe him. He motions Eric to come and listen in. Ew, this has gone past "a little" creepy. Mary hangs up on Robbie, and he tells RevCam that he tried. Eric tells him to try again. He does, and this time Mary believes him. But I'll bet that after the next commercial break, she'll have forgotten this conversation already and will go back to asking about Lucy and Robbie's romance. Annie walks by and sees Eric listening in. She leaves in disgust. It's pretty funny.

Eric follows her into the bedroom and tries to suck up by asking if she needs help folding laundry. She rants about the way someone else -- Robbie, I assume -- already folded it, but not to her exacting standards. Cry me a river, babe. She asks him, "Who were you and your little friend talking to on the phone?" Heh, way to put RevCam in his place. He admits that Robbie was talking to Mary and that he was listening in because he just wanted to hear Mary's voice. Annie disgustedly replies that she would like to hear Mary's voice also. Eric suggests that Robbie might let her listen in too. Ha! I think that makes three intentional jokes they've made this episode which I actually found funny. That must be some kind of a record! Just when I was in danger of liking her slightly, Annie makes some self-righteous comment about not needing Robbie to get her daughter on the phone. She stalks off with her laundry basket; RevCam follows. SuperMom complains about the way Robbie folded her laundry, and I become thoroughly repulsed again.

Annie stomps off into another room and slams the door, leaving RevCam free to hurry back to Robbie. Unfortunately, Robbie is just getting off the phone, so Eric can't get off on listening to the conversation. Robbie thinks that Mary will call Eric soon. Right on cue, the phone rings, but it's John instead. He asks for Mrs. Camden. RevCam asks him if he's looking for Matt, to which John replies, "Yeah, is he there?" Huh? Didn't he just ask for Annie a few seconds ago? But John actually wants to talk to Dopey. Maybe I'll spice up my life by trying that the next time I'm calling one of my friends. Oh wait, I forgot -- by the time I'm done laying down some Dopey-style judgment and advice on everyone I know, I won't have any friends left. RevCam rudely cuts off John in mid-sentence and hangs up on him.

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