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Honor Thy Agent

Kevin takes a picture of Ben and Lucy with Savannah. Yes, the Ben's First Look At Savannah moment that this show has been telling us is so important has, of course, occurred off-screen. Lucy asks Ben if he wants to hold Savannah. Ben is afraid he'll drop her. Kevin agrees. Lucy demands that Ben hold Savannah, and hands him the baby. Ben gets all cute and excited about holding the baby, and the phone rings. Lucy leaves to answer it. It's Bo "Mrs. Kinkirk" Derek! "Hello, Lucy? It's Kevin's mom," she says. Unless Bo's character's name actually is "Kevinsmom," it does not make any sense that she would introduce herself like that, especially considering Kevin's earlier claim that they talk to her all the time. Lucy invites Bo and Frank out to see Savannah. Bo says she wanted to visit, but figured that with Ben out there "chasing down Mary," she didn't think it was a good time. Lucy makes a face. Commercial.

Kevin talks to Bo in a Cheesy Split Screen. Bo says she didn't want to come over and visit until both Lucy and Kevin expressly invited her out. Plus, she thinks Kevin and Lucy should have time to "bond" with Savannah before in-laws invade. Except that Kevin is currently living with his in-laws while he and Lucy bond with Savannah, so obviously that's not an issue for him. Bo adds that Kevin shouldn't have told Ben about Mary leaving her husband. Kevin says he didn't. And neither did Lucy. Then who did?

Lucy talks to Ben about Mary and her evilness, and Ben reveals that Mary actually called him after she left Carlos and Charles. He says Mary didn't seem "all that happy" about leaving her husband, but that's okay, because now Ben can be with her. "Are you out of your mind?" Lucy yells, adding that it's in everyone's best interests that Mary stays with her husband and child. Unless, of course, Carlos is abusive towards her or cheated on her, not like anyone in that family considered an option in which Mary is not completely to blame for everything. Lucy tells Ben to forget Mary and find someone else, adding that Mary may be "confused," but that she has Annie as inspiration, so there's no way Mary will abandon her wifely and motherly duties.

Kevin's still on the phone with Bo. They start off in separate shots, but quickly the Cheesy Split Screen returns. Bo complains that ever since she remarried, Kevin has cut her out of his life. As she speaks, the Cheesy Split Screen ends, shoving her off the screen and making her voice switch to an over-the-phone filter in mid-sentence. Ridiculous. RevCam enters and stands next to Kevin so he can listen in. He interrupts Kevin's conversation to ask why Annie and Ruthie are in the car, like, couldn't he have asked THEM? Kevin tells RevCam about Ruthie's break-up and returns to his phone conversation. As RevCam leaves the room, the Cheesy Split Screen returns. Kevin tells Bo to bring Frank out to see the baby. "All right, I will," says Bo. I'm glad that's settled. Bo says that when she had her first baby, her mother-in-law spent weeks and weeks with them, and while she liked her mother-in-law, it did get to be too much. "I think we have the opposite problem," Kevin says. Lucy runs up and grabs the phone away from him and tells Bo and Frank to visit, and not to wait until she and Kevin get a house. "Savannah might be in school by then!" she says. "No, she won't," says Kevin. Except that she totally will.

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