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Honor Thy Agent

RevCam, SamVid, and Ben are at the dinner table. RevCam isn't sure if he should start eating or not, since Annie hasn't given him permission. Annie enters with Ruthie and orders everyone to eat. They do. Ruthie informs RevCam that Vincent dumped her, like, WE KNOW and HE KNOWS and WE KNOW HE KNOWS, so why is this even necessary? "You sad?" RevCam asks. "Yeah, but I still have my mom!" says Ruthie. "ALWAYS," says Annie. So scary. Lucy and Kevin enter with the baby, eliciting a growl from Happy. Oooh, is there a hidden storyline here about Happy being jealous of Savannah and all the attention she gets? That might actually be interesting.

Annie says that everything they're eating is from her mother's recipe book. If that "chocolate" cake is anything to go by, I'm guessing that the baked chicken is actually ham, the green beans are carrots, and the sweet potato soufflé is Martin. Baseball tournament weekend, my ass! RevCam proposes a toast. "To Grandma Jenny!" he says. "And to Mom!" says Kevin. "And to Lucy!" says Annie. "To mothers and daughters!" says Ruthie. "Even Mary!" says Ben. Everyone quickly lowers their glasses and make faces at the thought of offering symbolic support to evil Mary. I guess Brenda's mom never taught her how to let go of old grudges.

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