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Honor Thy Agent

Melissa explains that she lives in Texas and has to keep flying back and forth between her home and Glenoak to take care of her mother, whose physical and mental health is declining. I hope Melissa flies on jetBlue airlines! Melissa tells us all about the many medications her mother takes, including her "favorite antacid, which she refuses to give up, whether she needs it or not." So…Melissa's mom is addicted to Rolaids? Better that than morphine, I guess. Melissa says she can't keep taking time off work to deal with her mom, and her boss thinks she should put her mother in a nursing home. "Oh, does he?" asks RevCam, all annoyed that there are other people in the world giving advice. RevCam asks what Mom thinks about all this, and Melissa says she hasn't actually told her mother yet -- he was hoping RevCam could do that for her. In fact, Mom is waiting in the car right now! I hope Melissa cracked a window for her.

Lucy comes downstairs with Savannah. "Oh, Savannah, you are so CUTE!" says Annie, and Savannah makes a very scared face. Good Savannah. Smart Savannah. Lucy says she's going to get Grandma Jenny's favorite flowers -- hydrangeas, if you care -- for the dinner, and Ruthie is coming with her. Ruthie comes downstairs, and Annie asks her how things went with Vincent. Ruthie chooses not to reveal that she'll be going against Annie's wishes and meeting Vincent on the Promenade shortly. Lucy asks if Annie wants her to take SamVid to get them out of Annie's way. "No thanks. They're not in my way," Annie replies with a strange, satisfied smile. Oh my dear god. She killed them, didn't she?

Glenoak PD. Kevin answers his desk phone. It's Ben, who apparently thinks it's okay to call people at work. He also thinks it's okay to make a surprise visit to his brother and invite himself to stay at the CamPound. Kevin says there is no room at the CamPound, but Ben reminds him that Martin is away this weekend at a baseball tournament, leaving the garage apartment free. Except that that is Martin's home, and I doubt he gave anyone permission to enter it, let alone sleep there, so maybe Ben should consider getting a hotel room. Kevin says he does not want Ben to see Savannah before their mother and is this show honestly trying to say that Kevin's mother DIDN'T take the first available flight out to see her brand-new first grandchild? And hasn't seen her AT ALL in the months since she was born? Are you kidding me? My grandparents lived in another country, and they still saw the first-born grandchild (the very adorable, very lovely me) sooner than that! Ben says that maybe Momma Kinkirk doesn't want to be called "Grandma" in front of Frank. Don't worry if you don't know who Frank is, because Ben will over-explain it to you: "You know, her husband? Our stepdad?" There's a long, awkward pause before Kevin says, "I know who Frank is, and he's not our stepdad." Well, now I'm confused. Ben says he'll be over in an hour, since he just flew into Glenoak airport. He hangs up, and Kevin calls his mother. The phone rings once, and there's an answering machine beep without any sort of answering machine message beforehand. Kevin leaves a message for his mom that is basically a summary of the scene we just saw.

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