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Honor Thy Agent

Kevin can now speak freely, and he tells Lucy about the Ruthie stuff we just saw in the last scene, and says that she's in the car with Ben. She can't stop crying, and she won't leave the car. Lucy leaves to talk to her. Kevin sits down in front of Savannah and actually manages to utter a creepier line than SamVid's: "You're never dating -- never. When you get old enough to get married [12], your mom and I will pick out a nice boy [also 12] for you." Because arranged marriages always work out so well.

In the car, Ben tries his very best to make Ruthie feel better. He says Vincent wasn't "good enough" for Ruthie, and that she's "good-looking and nice and popular and smart." Apparently Ben is making sure he's got options if the thing with Mary doesn't work out. Lucy gets in the car and orders Ben to leave, but not to see Savannah, because Lucy wants to be present for the Big Occasion. Ben assures Ruthie that Vincent will regret breaking up with her, just like he regrets breaking up with Mary. He leaves. Lucy makes a face.

Ruthie tells Lucy that she doesn't want to see her. Lucy says that's just too bad, adding that she feels "badly [sic]" for Ruthie. She remembers when Jimmy Moon dumped her, and how much it hurt. "So does hearing about it," says Ruthie, "please don't talk to me." Ha! It's like she's reading my mind! There won't be any not talking about Lucy when Lucy is around, though, so she starts telling Ruthie about the time Matt caught her trying to lose her virginity to Jordan. "What a night that was!" says Lucy. Oh, I know. I was there. It was awful. "I'm already in pain," Ruthie says, "please -- no Jimmy Moon. No Big Lips." Rock on, Ruthie. I love how this show always calls poor Jordan "big lips." I wonder what he did to piss Brenda Hampton off so much. Not as much as Jessica Biel did, though! Lucy says they can later, after Ruthie is married to a wonderful man. I guess I'll be recapping that talk next episode, then. Ruthie says that will never happen, because she's going to her room and never coming out. Not true, Ruthie -- just look at Lucy! She never leaves her bedroom, and she managed to land an attractive police officer and graduate college! Ruthie says she was stupid to pick Vincent over her family. "We love you anyway," says Lucy. Well, that's noble of them.

RevCam has made it to the ER, and we find out through exposition dialogue that Nurse Ratched has an ulcer, but will be okay. "I'm quitting my job and moving here," says Melissa, who just doesn't get it. A doctor comes out and says that they're keeping Nurse Ratched overnight, but Melissa can see her now. Melissa asks RevCam to come in with her, because the emotional bond between these relative strangers is just that strong. They go in, and there is Nurse Ratched, who announces that she has made up her mind to sell the house and buy a condo. And what better time to make these important life decisions than when high on prescription painkillers? Melissa has an announcement too: she's going to fire Nurse Ratched's help, quit her job, and move in with her mom to take care of her. "Congratulations on leaving your job!" says Nurse Ratched, and I still don't understand what Melissa's feelings about her job has to do with anything.

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