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Hoop Dreams

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Hoop Dreams

Mr. Connelly is telling the CamRents that his daughter's very responsible about owning up to her mistakes. The two girls comes downstairs, and Mary tells him that Molly wasn't at fault -- that she jumped to conclusions. Mr. Connelly apologizes, and Molly says it's okay because everyone makes mistakes. Mr. Connelly says Mary has potential and she should play on a college team. Mary and Molly hug aGAIN. Mary tells her parents that she knows she'll have to work harder to make her dreams come true. She kisses them and runs upstairs. This was the biggest deal made of nothing I've seen all month.

Annie says she wants to tell RevCam about a dream she's had for years. RevCam says he talked to Simon and that "the flip side of doubt is faith," whatever that means. We see that Annie's clock is working now. Since Annie herself is still worthless, I don't know what the metaphor's supposed to mean.

I didn't get the scenes for next week's episode because I was busy coughing up bile. Sorry! I'll try harder next time! Everyone makes mistakes! The flip side of doubt is faith!

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