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Hoop Dreams

Over at the cinema known as "Flicks," RevCam is purchasing two tickets for the last half of The Wild Bunch. First Simon carps about missing the first half. RevCam says they'll stay until the end and then watch the beginning of the next showing. The ticket cashier informs him that it's the last showing. Then Simon complains that they've already seen The Wild Bunch. RevCam points out that he shouldn't worry about missing the first half, then. Yeah, really. Like, just get some popcorn and shut up, Simon. I think this scene would have been way funnier if Eric was drunk.

Annie's putting the twins into their Upstairs Cage while Ruthie looks on. Lucy walks in and asks why RevCam took Simon out of school. Annie says they went to the movies, and spoiled Ruthie immediately has to ask why she never gets to take a half day off. Remember, Ruthie, that the town passed an ordinance saying that your face can't be seen outside of school during daylight hours? Annie placates her. She taped the biography of Queen Elizabeth while the kids were at school. Ruthie runs off to watch it. Lucy asks StuporMom if she believes Mary really has a chance at the pros. Annie smiles as she disses Mary's dream. I notice that Annie never says anything important or exciting to her older kids, but when she does speak to them, she either smiles or grimaces haphazardly. Lucy wants something nice to happen for Mary, but she doesn't want Mary to leave home yet because then Lucy would miss her. Selfish Lucy has had her eyebrows arched and darkened.

Matt's at a fleamarket booth with his hunk of junk. Some woman in a red bandana and patchwork blouse offers him ten bucks for the whole lot because she needs his booth space. Matt declines. She tells him that he might make $20 if he hangs out until closing time. Instead of telling her to get off his back, Matt says he'll hang out until closing time. You want to know what he's selling, don't you? Okay. The main draw is a foot-high statue of Alfred E. Neuman in the "what, me worry?" pose. Also featured are a hubcap, a tennis racket, a fuzzy die, a coverless record album, a bottle of bubble solution and one of those little white, square alarm clocks that they used to sell at Walgreen's all the time. There's a red accordion-looking thing, a clear yellow sphere of some sort, and a large wad of clear plastic as well. I don't know how the lady figured he was gonna make twenty bucks. Maybe he'll luck out and find someone who's really into Mad Magazine, though.

Mary and Coach Cleary are walking down some steps outdoors somewhere. The coach is glad Mary could make it out and he wants to surprise her and let her see for herself what the deal is. They get to a court where a bunch of teen chicks are doing basketball drills. One of them turns around, and we see that she most likely has Down's Syndrome as she says, "Here they come!" Mary is introduced to another girl named Molly Connelly who also has Down's Syndrome. Molly's dad, Jack, is a friend of Coach Cleary's. The coach thought Mary might be able to help Molly & Team get ready for the Special Olympics. Molly hugs Mary for a long time and Mary just smiles as Mr. Connelly and the coach happily look on.

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