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Hoop Dreams

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Hoop Dreams

Simon finds his dad sulking in Ruthie's playhouse. He apologizes and explains that he doesn't feel he'd make a good minister. He manages to turn the situation into a major brown-nosing opportunity. He wouldn't be as good as RevCam, and he couldn't sermonize about God in church because God is so close to his heart and it would make him "weepy." Yeah, good one, Simon. You forgot to add, "And I heard they don't let you drink at the non-Catholic seminaries." Okay, so that subplot's over.

Lucy tries to talk to her mom again. Annie still isn't having it. Ruthie runs in and babbles that the Queen didn't have to go to school. Annie tells her to keep watching and Ruthie runs out again. Then it's time for the Female Camden Heart-To-Heart segment of the show. Lucy says that Annie's smart and lovable and all, but "when you think about it, who wants to be [sic] her own mother?" Annie points out that Lucy's only known her own mother for sixteen years, which is not long enough to know her well, apparently. Annie has dreams. There's much more she wants to do in life. Her life's not over. Let me guess -- you want to hear the dream, don't you? Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you . . . Annie's dream is to start some stupid cooperative for moms at the church. She thought up the scheme when Matt was a baby. The stay-at-home mothers, who are "accused of staying home to bake cupcakes," could babysit the working moms' kids after school. The working mothers, accused of abandoning their kids, could share their skills with the stay-at-home moms or donate money to build a church daycare center. Can I just say "whatever"? I don't know about anyone else, but as a stay-at-home mom myself, I have better things to do than babysit someone else's kids for free in the hopes that I might learn to use spreadsheets or something. It's like, "I really wish all women could get along, but how can I help? I know! I'll share my gifts, which are babysitting and cooking, with the working moms. Then they can share their wondrous knowledge with me! Then they can build a daycare center so that I can continue to care for their children for free in a Christian atmosphere! After all that, they'll like me for sure!!!" I mean, it is true that there's still resentment between the Mom Camps and that there shouldn't be, but this isn't the way to go about solving the problem. Even if I were paid to watch kids other than my own, I wouldn't want to do it. It'd cut into the time that I spend learning Flash while my sons feed themselves dry cereal, darn it!

So anyway, Annie says she doesn't want to tell the dream to RevCam because then she'd have to actually follow through with it. She spits out some schlock about making dreams into reality and knowing the difference between the two. Whatever. While she's saying this, we get a fuzzy close-up of her face that really highlights the shape of her teeth.

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