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Dorothea Lange Spins In Her Grave

Showdown at Glenoak High! Margo walks up to Ruthie and says she sees that Ruthie is wearing her jacket again. Ruthie says she likes this jacket, and she doesn't care who used to own it, or who knows that it is secondhand. Margo's mouth drops open, and her personality totally changes. "My mother bought it for me," says Margo. "And my mother bought it for me," says Ruthie. Well, Margo's mom is DEAD, Ruthie, so suck on that! Margo explains that her mom had cancer, and her dad paid for lots of experimental treatments that insurance didn't cover, and this drained all of their savings. Then he lost his job because he was too busy taking care of his dying wife. Where do these people work? What the hell company FIRES employees for taking care of sick spouses or, as was the case last week, mothers? I mean, I'm sure they exist, but it seems like every episode we hear about someone being fired because his boss is evil. And then at the same time, RevCam gets to take almost a year off of his job, state that he has no intention of returning, take other jobs, and yet his position is still ready and waiting for him when he decides to come back. Ridiculous.

But back to Margo and her series of unfortunate events. Over the past few years, Margo and her dad lost Margo's mom, their house, their money, and Dad's job. Ruthie says she didn't know. How the fuck does a school so small that they remember that a girl peed in her pants ten years ago not know when a student's parent dies? Margo says that she and her father are doing much better now, after accepting "help," then delivers some very realistic dialogue about how she wanted to hurt Ruthie because she is still in pain about her mother. She gave the coat away because it reminded her of her mom. You'd think that if she and her father were really in such dire straights, they would have sold it. Margo adds that some of Second Hand Rose's profits go to cancer research. Ruthie sniffles exaggeratedly and wipes away an invisible tear, and it's done so badly that it looks like Ruthie is doing a sarcastic fake tear-wipe. It would have been hilarious if she had busted out the world's smallest violin and started playing it. Margo says she didn't tell Ruthie all this to make her sad (yeah, right); she just wanted Ruthie to know that she's not a bad person. Ruthie says she's really the bad person, because she and Vincent are back together. Margo says she knows all this. Ruthie says she only wore the jacket to show off to Margo that she got Vincent and she loves wearing secondhand clothes. Margo says they're even then. "Oh, no, not after what you've been through," says Ruthie, "it's hardly even." Oh, please, Ruthie. You didn't kill her mom, so drop the guilt complex. Margo has a suggestion for how Ruthie can make it up to her, though: "You wanna give me my jacket back? I hate seeing you wear it." Ruthie says it's the least she could do, and gives the jacket to Margo, who clutches it to her bosom. The scene cuts off before we can see Margo laugh in Ruthie's face that that whole ridiculously over-the-top story was a lie she told to trick Ruthie into giving her her jacket back. At least, I want to believe that's what happened, because I really liked Margo when she was making Ruthie cry.

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