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After Ruthie apologizes for her belligerent phone answering, Zoe thanks Ruthie for being "so nice" to her in the bathroom, especially after "little witch" Margo made fun of her. Ruthie says she would have forgotten all about the Margo thing by now if Vincent would stop calling her. Zoe says Ruthie should talk to Vincent. It really helps to talk to people, she says. For instance, she felt much better after talking to Ruthie today. Ruthie says she's sorry about what Zoe is "going through," and suggests that Zoe talk to RevCam -- "he's good at helping people," she says. "NO!" shouts Zoe, who apparently watched last week's episode, in which the two people who asked RevCam for help wound up either unemployed and hospitalized. Zoe tells Ruthie not to tell anyone anything, especially not Martin. Yeah, like Zoe has a lot of room to make demands, considering she blabbed Ruthie's secret the first free moment she got. Ruthie assures Zoe that she won't tell anyone. Zoe says her parents would "die" if they knew she was talking about her situation. Ruthie says that anything Zoe tells RevCam is completely confidential, except for all the time. Possessing more intelligence than I had previously given her credit for, Zoe refuses.

RevCam and Annie have a serious discussion in the kitchen about Ruthie's jacket. Annie threatens to call Margo's mother, and then Margo herself, but RevCam doesn't think that's a good idea because it will just embarrass Ruthie. Annie huffs and puffs that she doesn't buy many things from used clothing stores, just a "few pieces" that supplement all the new clothes the kids already have, and there is nothing wrong with that. RevCam agrees. ["I would agree, if various recappers over the years hadn't pointed out repeatedly that this family's insistence on individual bottled waters and ice cream by the pint is fiscal madness. Oh, and if it weren't Annie, with whom I would also disagree on statements such as 'the earth is round.' I hate this goddamn show." -- Sars] Annie says she's going to talk to Ruthie. RevCam says she can't, because then Ruthie will know that Zoe told Martin, who told RevCam. I'm not sure why anyone cares about whether or not Ruthie knows that Zoe went back on her word, but whatever. Annie says she can just say that she found it in the garbage, which is actually a good idea. RevCam thinks they should put it back in the garbage and let Ruthie deal with it herself. If that's the case, then why did he even take it out of the garbage in the first place?

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